Pair Your Favorite Music Genre with Cannabis

Eaze Team
Jun 7, 2023

Festival szn is in session. Here’s to warmer weather, blasting music, dancing in the sunshine, and no regard for tomorrow.

We’ve ALL been patiently waiting for a summer where 2020 precautions are no longer on radar, and thank god three years later, we’re officially back to listening to our favorite artists with our friends again.

Here’s how to perfectly pair your favorite music genre with cannabis from Eaze Delivery that matches your vibe:

Disco/Funk: Strawberry Cough

When it comes to disco and funk, you need a strain that will keep you feeling groovy, baby. That’s where Strawberry Cough enters the room. It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid that will give you a burst of energy and a euphoric high – just like the beat to your favorite song. It’s strawberry flavor and aroma pairs perfectly with the sunshine and sweet notes from your summer funk playlist.

strawberry cough
strawberry cough

Hip-Hop/Rap: Sour Diesel

If you’re headed to see your favorite hip-hop and rap artist, you want a strain that will lock you in to each verse and change up. Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant strain that delivers a strong, cerebral high that will give you a burst of energy and have you feeling every beat. Its pungent, diesel-like aroma adds perfectly to the urban hip-hop vibes. Psst – It’s Kendrick and Drake approved (don’t fact check us on this).

Sour Diesel - Music Genre with Cannabis

Punk: Green Crack

Hey Blink-182 fans, this is YOUR moment. Punk is all about that rebellion and electric vibes – thats why Green Crack is its perfect match. This Sativa-dominant strain delivers a strong, energetic high that will keep you singing and dancing all night long. Its sweet, fruity flavor and aroma will pair perfectly to your punk rock energy.

Green Crack - Music Genre with Cannabis

R&B: Blue Dream

R&B is all about soulful vibes and Blue Dream is the perfect strain to match that. It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid that delivers a euphoric, uplifting high that will put you in a dreamy state of mind while dancing in slow motion to The Weeknd and SZA. Its sweet, berry-like flavor and aroma add to the romantic R&B vibe, and is bound to immerse you into the tunes.

Blue Dream - Music Genre with Cannabis

Metal: Super Lemon Haze

Hey Metal peeps, we just know you’re a big fan of an energetic high and a good head-banging. Whether you’re an AC/DC lover or prefer throwing it back to Iron Maiden, this strain will enhance your heavy metal experience. The bright and energetic Super Lemon Haze is the perfect Sativa for a solid afternoon of moshing with the homies.

Super Lemon Haze Cannabis

Classic Rock: Super Silver Haze

A classic strain for Classic Rock. Super Silver Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that offers energetic and uplifting effects – similar to the high you get when jamming out to The Rolling Stones. This strain will absorb you into each note and have you feeling the sensation of each intricate detail. Its earthy and citrusy flavor profile will also complement the vibrant sounds of classic rock.

Super Silver Haze - Pure Beauty

Jazz: Sour Tangie

So, you like jazz? Sour Tangie is another Sativa-dominant hybrid that pairs well with anything from Ezra Collective to Masego. This strain offers a creative and cerebral high that will immerse you into the sweet vibrations from the sax to the bass. Its sour and citrusy flavor profile complements the tangy and vibrant sounds of jazz.

Sour Tangie STIIZY vaporizer

Reggae: Durban Poison

Good vibes have entered the chat. Durban Poison is a Sativa strain that is known for its energizing and uplifting effects – ideal for days full of sunshine, love and laid back tunes. This strain is perfect for getting you in the mood to dance along to the upbeat sounds of reggae music. Its earthy and piney flavor profile are bound to complement the natural vibes of your favorite reggae tunes.

Durban Poison - Music Genre and Cannabis

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