PACIFIC STONE | A quarter-ounce of prerolls from true OG producers

Eaze Team
Apr 17, 2019

Pacific Stone, the brand, is altogether new.

But its roots are so deeply OG, it’s pretty much legend right out of the box.

Let’s start with what Pacific Stone offers on the Eaze platform, starting this week, for $40: A full quarter ounce of high-quality, greenhouse-grown, pre-rolled California cannabis, 14 joints in all.

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Each half-gram preroll is made from 100% hand-packed premium OG flower, completely free of trim (non-flower cannabis plant matter that makes lesser pre-rolls burn harshly, unevenly, and way too fast).

The first thing you’ll notice with trim-free prerolls: they have a slightly tighter draw. With only flower and no fast-burning trim to aerate and accelerate the burn, you’ll need to pull on it a little more vigorously to get a quality, satisfying hit.

It takes a little adjusting to, but you’ll soon realize that it’s a superior way to build a great preroll.

The second thing you’ll notice is the taste – smooth, consistent, definitely distinct. While you could scarcely tell the other guys’ prerolls apart by taste alone, you’ll know a Pacific Stone when you smoke one. It demands you take time to savor it. Later, you’ll remember what it was like.

Finally, you’ll notice the effects. Not too heavy, not too up or too anxious, just right in the pocket.

Remember smoking with friends in the wilderness, laughing easily, filled with wonder at nature, opening up to the world? That’s Pacific Stone. It’s casual, it’s approachable, gets you high, doesn’t throw your day or night into a spin or a fog. It’s what you want for the camping trip, a day at the beach, or just hanging with friends on football Sunday.

The kind of thing your dad loved to smoke, and probably still does. And he’d love where it comes from, too: Pacific Stone springs from an old-school network of central California greenhouse growers with decades of experience and passion for the plant.

Pacific Stone prerolls are available now on the Eaze platform, and on dispensary shelves in the coming days.

[Product(s) named in this story are registered under California license TML18-0002340]

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