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Eaze Team
Aug 2, 2020

Updated: August 2, 2020


Thank you for utilizing the online payment feature (“Online Payment”) to complete your purchase from a licensed cannabis retailer that utilizes the Eaze platform (“Retailer”). These policies, terms, and conditions (“Online Payment Terms”) are an addendum to the Eaze Terms of Service (“Agreement”) and any other agreements incorporated by reference therein (collectively, the “Eaze Terms”). The Online Payment Terms describe, govern, and apply to your usage of Online Payments for orders facilitated by Eaze. Online Payments include any orders where payment is made available electronically through the Eaze website or mobile application and/or a third party Payment Vendor. If you do not agree to the policies, terms, and conditions herein, you may utilize another payment method for your Eaze order, such as cash. Unless otherwise defined, capitalized terms herein have the meaning set forth in the Agreement.

Pay With Your Checking Account

By selecting the option to pay with your checking account (“Pay With Checking”), you have chosen to send your payment electronically to your Retailer from your checking-enabled account at a financial institution (“Checking Account”). By entering your banking credentials, you are authorizing a third-party Payment Vendor to establish a secure connection with your financial institution, and link your Checking Account to your Eaze User Account. You acknowledge that in order to facilitate payment, the Payment Vendor will receive basic information about your Checking Account, such as your account number, your financial institution’s routing number, and your Checking Account balance, and may securely store your information and maintain the link to your Checking Account until you remove that link through the Eaze Platform. Once you link your Checking Account and complete a transaction for Products, you are granting the Payment Vendor permission to initiate an electronic transfer from your Checking Account in the amount of your purchase, and send that amount to the Retailer.

In order to facilitate Pay With Checking, the Payment Vendor utilizes a third-party service provider such as Envestnet | Yodlee (“Access Platform”) to establish a secure connection to your financial institution. By using Pay With Checking you agree to the terms of service and Privacy Policy of the applicable Access Platform and grant the Access Platform permission to connect to your financial institution and transmit information to the Payment Vendor or Eaze.

Following the completion of your purchase and payment, your financial statement will reflect an electronic transaction showing the name of Eaze and/or the applicable Retailer.

By entering your banking credentials and completing a purchase, you agree and acknowledge that you will not initiate a chargeback or reversal of the electronic payment unless your account was accessed fraudulently. If your Checking Account does not contain sufficient funds to complete your purchase, the transaction may be declined. If the Payment Vendor is unable to debit funds from your Checking Account after you have completed a purchase and received a delivery of Products, you hereby authorize the Payment Vendor to subsequently initiate an electronic transfer from your Checking Account at a later date until such transfer is successfully completed. If you did not intend to complete your purchase, or are otherwise dissatisfied with your purchase or the Products, please contact our Customer Support.

Pay With Debit

The Eaze Platform enables you to interact with a digital wallet infrastructure hosted by Circle Internet Financial, Inc. (“Circle”) a Payment Vendor on the Eaze Platform. Circle facilitates User transactions by integrating with marketplaces and technology providers, and providing access to custody services for USDC, Circle USDC Credits (“Credits”), and other non-currency digital assets. By selecting the option to pay with debit (“Pay With Debit”) you are choosing to use your debit card to purchase Credits that are loaded onto a digital wallet account (your “Wallet”) created and hosted by Circle and associated with your Eaze User Account. Eaze’s technology and integration with Circle allows you to utilize Credits loaded onto your Wallet at any participating Retailer that accepts Credits as payment for Products. By using the Pay with Debit feature, you authorize Circle to create, manage, and host your Wallet.

Please note that you are not using your debit card to purchase Products from the Retailer. Pay With Debit allows you to top up your Wallet with Credits at checkout. Your financial statement will reflect your purchase of Credits from Circle. Once you have successfully topped up your Wallet, you are eligible to transfer your Credits into a Retailer’s merchant wallet in exchange for Products (the “Credit Transfer”). You authorize this Credit Transfer by signing for your delivery within the Eaze App and/or taking possession of the Products from the Driver. Once your delivery is completed, Eaze sends a request to Circle to initiate the Credit transfer to the Retailer.

In order to facilitate your purchase of Credits, Circle may utilize one or more financial institutions, some of which may be located outside of the United States. Your financial institution may require you to approve the transaction before completion, or may charge a foreign transaction fee.

You are under no obligation to utilize Circle Credits solely within the Eaze Platform. In order to spend Credits with other participating vendors, to convert Credits to USDC, or to use your Wallet to hold other types of cryptocurrency or funds, please contact Circle for further assistance. Circle may require additional information from you in order to permit certain Wallet capabilities. All transactions through Circle are subject to the Circle USDC User Agreement and the Circle USDC Privacy Policy.


You agree and acknowledge that you are solely responsible for complying with any terms set by your financial institution with respect to your Checking Account or debit card, including any fee terms such as non-sufficient fund or overdraft fee terms, or foreign transaction fees. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you have sufficient funds in your account to complete a purchase and accept responsibility for any charges from your financial institution. Eaze reserves the right to suspend or terminate your User Account if you do not maintain sufficient funds in your Bank Account to complete a purchase at the time of delivery or otherwise violate the Eaze Terms.

You agree and acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the security and secrecy of your sensitive banking information, including your login credentials, and you are responsible and liable for any transactions authorized with your Checking Account. Eaze and the Payment Vendor are not responsible for unauthorized access to your Checking Account. If your banking information is lost, stolen, or known by an unauthorized individual you must notify Eaze immediately. Failure to notify us promptly could result in a loss of funds. Eaze reserves the right to prevent your access to Online Payments if we have reason to believe any aspects of your User Account or Checking Account have been compromised.

Eaze and the Payment Vendor may securely share your personal information or data in order to facilitate and/or initiate an Online Payment transaction. Use and sharing of your data is subject to the Eaze Privacy Policy.

You acknowledge and agree that you must be the owner of the Checking Account or debit card to authorize any Online Payment transaction, and that your name must match the name on your government issued identification.

You acknowledge that all refunds or credits are subject to the Agreement and the Eaze Terms.

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