OLD PAL 1/2 OUNCE | Same Old Pal, pre-ground and ready to roll

Eaze Team
Feb 6, 2019

Your Old Pal has been spinning up a surprise for 2019.

If you’ve been an Eaze customer, surely you know Old Pal, the most affordable 1/8 of legal, licensed, tested cannabis flower in California, a brand that debuted exclusively on Eaze this past May.

Not to be outdone in 2019, our Old Pal friends have a new favorite: a full 1/2-ounce of that same reliable, sun-grown, California flower, pre-ground and freshness-sealed in one of their iconic, smell-proof pouches. Choose hybrid, or indica, with papers and crutch-card included.

At just $50 per package, Old Pal once again sets a new bar for “most affordable” legal cannabis in the state.

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Roll your own way.

They call it “shareable” for a reason. Old Pal believes cannabis and spending time with friends go hand-in-hand. These 1/2-ounces are pre-ground, they’re ready to roll whenever – or wherever – you are. No need to carry a bulky grinder to the beach, a camping trip, date night – wherever life takes you, Old Pal goes.

Rolling your own on-demand also means no more pocket-crushed doobies or one-and-done prerolls with extra packaging to discard. Just good, old-fashioned session weed that your dad would approve of.

Still the biggest buzz for your buck.

Same sourcing, just more of it: Old Pal’s founders have collaborated for years with California farmers, focusing on keeping methods legit and margins lean. This commitment to giving old-school growers an outlet for their licensed product is the reason you can enjoy premium cannabis flower at this miracle price.

Like the instant-legend Old Pal 1/8 ounce before it, Old Pal 1/2-ounce pouches are bound to become a staple in your stash. Don’t overthink this: just order on Eaze, enjoy our blazing-fast delivery, and enjoy the moment!

[Product(s) named in this story are registered under California license C11-18-0000024-TEMP]

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