Noir by Timeless: Flower Meets the Convenience of a Vape

Diana Gonimah
Nov 25, 2021

Full-flower taste & effect meets the convenience of a vape with Noir by Timeless

The Holiday season involves a lot of movement. Many of us spend the season traveling and hopping between family gatherings. But what does that mean for the cannabis connoisseur? It limits your ability to enjoy cannabis in the fresh-flower form… or so you thought.

With Noir Live Resin Terpenes by Timeless, you get the closest representation of fresh flower taste and effect in the convenience and discretion of a vape.

Terpene-rich flower is grown and extracted in Northern California and goes from harvest to extraction within one hour. Noir is crafted using Subcritical H2O processing to extract fast and preserve as much natural flavor as possible. Preserving the integrity of the terpene profile also prevents deterioration throughout the process.

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Noir Terpenes are harvested seasonally, and a 2019 vintage live resin terpene harvest brought ‘Orange Crush’ to the table this year. Orange Crush is a Sativa by nature and the first of its kind for the Noir brand. It serves as the perfect pairing to your holiday dinner with fresh orange & sweet citrus notes rounded out with a woody clove exhale.

With every seasonal terpene harvest, comes a version of cannabis strains that has never been seen before. Each crop is unique due to the varying conditions it faced throughout its growth. 

If your priorities involve convenience and discretion, Timeless’s coveted flip cases can help make your experience even more low-key. Their flip cases snap shut with a signature *click!* and work to keep your vape pen secure and safe from germs and foreign debris. Noir cartridges are compatible with any Timeless TV6 battery and flip case.

License: CDPH-10002269

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