New at Eaze California: Spring 2022

Diana Gonimah
May 10, 2022

We’re always listening to your feedback, working day in and day out to expand our selection to match your preferences. Check out the latest cannabis products to hit our menus in California:

1. Zolv’s Lemon Lime THC:CBD Drink Mix

Ditch your post-workout gatorade. Zolv was designed with athletes in mind. This drink mix isn’t just flavored water that gets you high. It’s loaded with restorative electrolytes and vitamins like B3, B5, B12, C, and Potassium. Lemon Lime is great before your workout, but the added CBD really shines in recovery mode.

ZOLV drink mix, delivery, cannabis for athletes, cannabis gatorade alternative

2. Cann’s Blue Rhuberry Hi Boy 4-Pack

Exclusively on Eaze and brought to you by a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Cann and Adam Devine, Blue Rhuberry is your favorite new social drink. With natural, never-from-concentrate raspberry and rhubarb juices, organic agave for a touch of sweetness, and butterfly pea tea for a light floral-citrus flavor (and its signature blue color), Blue Rhuberry is the blue, adults-only party drink you you’ll want to tell all your friends about. Expect a quick 10-15min onset time. 5mg THC and just 45 calories per serving. One can per serving, 4 cans included.

Blue Rhuberry Hi Boy 4-Pack Cann Adam Devine Eaze

3. Everyday’s Massive Chronic – 3.5g

The Unbearable Eighth of Massive Chronic is a perfect choice to pair with the new film, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, now in theaters (get your tickets here!). Exclusively at Eaze, Massive Chronic is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Northern Lights with Skunk and AK-47. This balanced strain produces energizing and uplifting effects that’ll take your movie night to new, unbearably awesome heights.

nick cage movie, massive chronic, unbearable weight of massive talent, cannabis

4. Cloud’s Restorative Rainbow 1:1 THC:CBD – 1g

Rainbow is an evenly-balanced hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Dancehall with Blueberry. With a spicy-sweet fruity flavor, Rainbow gives consumers a pleasant, creative high and ache relief without a heavy body sensation.

Restorative Rainbow 1:1 THC:CBD - 1g, cloud cannabis, eaze delivery

5. LEUNE Momentum – 7g

LEUNE, in celebration and support of Eaze Momentum, brings you the deliciously euphoric Cherry Punch, a sativa-leaning hybrid that transports you to gentle serenity and cerebral bliss. All net proceeds from this limited edition strain directly benefit Eaze Momentum – a business accelerator designed to support and empower underrepresented founders in the cannabis industry. Join LEUNE in raising the social consciousness about proactive and productive ways to create meaningful change.

LEUNE Momentum, eaze delivery, eaze momentum

Learn more about the Momentum program.


ZOLV: CDPH-1001996, Cann: CDPH-10003710, Everyday: C11-0000532-LIC, Cloud: CDPH-10002329, LEUNE: C11-0001456-LIC

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