What’s New at Eaze This Week?

Taylor Engle
Aug 5, 2021

Whether you’re a cannabis novice or a seasoned consumer, we’ve got all of the best new products for you to add to your arsenal.

From newcomer brand Country to the classic Punch Edibles, we’ve got a wide variety of weed for you to order, and then reorder, and then reorder again – along with all of the Eaze classics you know and love.

Country Good Neighbor 0.6g Preroll

Country is one of the newest brands in the cannabis industry, and the first of its kind.

With an emphasis on intent and proper dosage, Country is the first cannabis brand to be entirely dedicated to productivity: products that make you feel good and want to make things happen with an energetic boost.

Their Good Neighbor 0.6g preroll delivers just that: a perfectly balanced, high-CBD blend of 1:1 Jack Herer and AC/DC that helps you feel motivated and stay focused on whatever task is at hand.

Old Pal Maui Wowie Vacation Vape

Old Pal is a trusted brand known for their classic, shareable cannabis: accessible, affordable, and abundant.

Their latest line of Vacation Vapes are designed to transport you to paradise, and Maui Wowie will take you straight to the luxurious world of Hawaii. An exotic sativa blend, this vape offers consumers with a transcendent experience: ideal for relaxing your body, yet sparking the mind.

Consumers are left with a boost of energy that helps fuel creativity and brings an unprecedented energy to any adventure. It’s the hula-dancing high you’ve been waiting to ride.

El Blunto x Koala Puffs Tangerine Sunrise 1.75g Blunt

The “World’s Finest Cannabis Experience” El Blunto has teamed up with industry favorite, Koala Puffs, for this iconic blunt – but be careful; this one’s for heavy hitters only.

This Tangerine Sunrise Blunt features 1.75 grams of flower – a blunt you only want to face if you’re an experienced consumer. Otherwise, it’s ideal for sharing with a group of friends, bringing along to a party, or puffing on slowly but surely.

This strain will help prepare you for an upbeat, clear-headed, and energizing day, allowing you to seize any opportunity with a flush of positivity. Pure sativa bliss.

Punch Edibles Strawberry White Chocolate Malt Balls

Your favorite edibles brand has provided a cannabis-infused spin on your favorite childhood chocolate: malt balls! These strawberry white chocolate goodies are infused with 10 mg of THC per piece (90 mg total per package), designed with premium concentrates that ensure consistent flavor and potency.

Beyond the THC, these treats are fruity, creamy, and full of balance and flavor that will provide you with the ultimate hybrid effect.

Foxy Garlic Cake

You asked – or maybe you didn’t – but either way, Foxy delivered. Garlic Cake is a one-of-a-kind indica designed to provide consumers with a euphoric, relaxed feeling.

With 38% THC, this strain is especially gassy, loud, and heavy – with a nutty diesel taste reminiscent of the iconic Sour Diesel. Buckle up!

Humboldt Farms S’mores – Full Ounce

If you’re trying to get more bang for your buck, order some of Humboldt Farms’ S’mores ounce, a delicious hybrid that will have you feeling as toasty and warm as a campfire.

Just like its namesake, this strain is creamy, cookie-like, sweet, and very heavy. Get ready to feel ultimately relaxed, calm, and cozy for the evening.

Licenses: 1. Country C11-0000937-LIC 2. Old Pal CDPH-10002329 3. El Blunto C12-0000116-LIC 4. Punch Edibles CDPH-10003615 5. Foxy C11-0000532-LIC 6. Humboldt Farms C11-0000039-LIC

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