How to Pair Your Favorite Music Genre with Cannabis

Taylor Engle
May 19, 2020

For as long as anyone can remember, warmer weather and summer months have been practically synonymous with music blasting: dancing in the warm air, hair blowing in the wind, and no regard for tomorrow. Maybe you always spend your summer vacation on the beach with a blunt getting lost in a vibrant melody, but 2020 has changed everyone’s plans.

While Coachella was postponed and the rest of the summer music festivals are not far behind from either changing their dates or taking another route (EDC has already announced they will be live-streaming), music is still something to be appreciated from your home this summer. Here’s how to perfectly pair your favorite Eaze products with the music genre that matches your vibe:

1. Disco/Funk + MAC

From its emergence in the 1970s to today, disco and funk have had a strong place in nightlife around the world. This soft disco/slow funk Spotify playlist contains a little bit of everything and is perfect for a day of soaking up the sun on your roof. Pair it with a pipe full of Occidental Hills’ MAC, a sativa-dominant hybrid that will leave you feeling dreamy and creative, moving your hips to the beat.

2. Classic Hip Hop/Rap + Sunset OG

If you’re less interested in dancing and prefer being blown away by old school bars, you have to be in the right state of mind before you honor the greats. Weed has its place in every music genre, but greens and hip hop have a special relationship that must be treated as such. This Spotify playlist has all of your favorites and more, and what better way to indulge than with some Sunset OG? The indica-heavy hybrid is perfect for chilling out and vibing to the classics.

3. Metal + Super Lemon Haze

Maybe you’re a big fan of an energetic high and a good head-banging. Whether you were a SOAD kid or prefer throwing it back Iron Maiden, this Spotify playlist is an all-encompassing heavy metal experience–not for the weak. The bright and energetic Super Lemon Haze is the perfect sativa for a solid afternoon of moshing in your living room.

4. Classic Rock + Summer Edition Sativa

While weed has had its place in each music genre, nothing embodies a good old-fashioned joint quite like good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. From Hendrix to Fleetwood Mac to Bowie, this Spotify playlist has every classic rock hit to render you paralyzed with Woodstock FOMO. Spark up this Summer Edition sativa classic pre-roll and party like it’s 1969.

5. Vibes + Whitezilla

OG stoners know what genre I’m talking about–those trippy vibes that pair best with a fat blunt and the desire to dive into a brief existential crisis. Check out this vibey playlist while you’re puffing on the infamously heady Whitezilla, a lemony indica that will relax your body and open your mind to the experience.

6. R&B + Dream Queen

From Whitney Houston to Mariah Carey, R&B is a soulful experience that doesn’t quit, and the best way to appreciate the divalicious genre is with Dream Queen, the Blue Dream/Space Queen hybrid that will have you feelin’ yourself to this R&B playlist.

7. Jazz + Forbidden Fruit

Jazz and reefer have always gone hand in hand, taking turns influencing each other over the years. This jazz playlist is stoner-specific and perfect for a card game with your quarantine buddy. Pair it with some Forbidden Fruit to pay homage to all the jazz musicians who dared to dabble with the devil’s lettuce all those years ago.

8. Reggae + Pineapple Express

Last but not least, nothing vibes with a smoke sesh quite like a good reggae queue. Get your Bob Marley on with both this playlist and this all-in-one–now you’re jammin’.

Licenses: 1. Occidental Hills TAL-180002932 2. Bloom Farms CDPH-10002405 3. Happy Sticks CDPH-10002269 4. Island C12-0000108-LIC 5. Lakegrade C11-00000003-LIC 6. Flow Kana C11-0000697-LIC 7. Absolute Xtracts CDPH-10002270 8. Heavy Hitters CDPH-10001352

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