Mother’s Day CBD gifts Mom really wants (but won’t ask for)

Margaux Lushing
May 8, 2019

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Mother’s Day just keeps getting cooler.

For Mother’s Day 2019, my own mother didn’t ask me where I’ve booked a brunch reservation, or whether I’m getting flowers from that beautiful hipster shop again. Instead she asked me, “Are you getting me any of those fun CBD goodies that can help me sleep or soothe my shoulder?”

After years of sharing cannabis-spiked wellness products with my own mother, I have a pretty solid awareness of which items are mother-approved (hint: the ones she casually slips into her purse when visiting).

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For Mother’s Day shopping this year, I am using the following guidelines: if it could look at home in a Nancy Meyers movie, it’s going in my cart. If it’s beautifully packaged and can soothe joints or anxious brains, in my cart again.

Margaux Lushing [photo courtesy of the author]
The following items are those that are most likely to win you a whispered “Thank you – you’ve always been my favorite.” And, pro tip? Accompany anything from the below list with the aforementioned organic bouquet from your local indie florist to seal the “favorite child” deal.

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Hemp-Infused Raw Honey from Potli.

The Potli brand was born in Northern California when co-founders Christine Yi and Felicity Chen made honey from their own hives to alleviate Christine’s mom’s allergies. This labor of love became Potli, a brand that produces CBD-infused foods and cooking essentials. The honey is sourced from Potli’s own hives in the East Bay, and for every batch of Potli sold, the team builds another hive to support their bees.

Hemp Olive Oil from Potli.

Perfect for drizzling over salads and displaying on a newly renovated kitchen island (remember what I said about Nancy Meyers vibes?), Potli’s olive oil is made from cold-pressed, Tuscan olives harvested from Carmel Valley. If you’re not whisking your mom to Carmel for wine country brunch, this is the next best thing.

CBD Blue Dream – PM by Hempbase.

If your mother is not convinced of the magic of vape pens yet, this CBD Blue Dream is a great point of entry: it’s as much an object d’art as it is a handy way to de-stress and float off to sleep. Hempbase makes four formulas all brightly colored and super targeted to energize, increase focus, soothe muscles and encourage sleep.

Selection of Patches by The Good Patch (Nite Night, Balance, Hangover).

I know my own mother would prefer a dozen Good Patch Nite Nite patches to a dozen roses, and after speaking with a handful of wellness editors from all over and learning they, too, swear by them, I’m convinced The Good Patch has a dose of magic in their transdermal patches. Cheerily packaged and effective AF, there isn’t a woman out there who wouldn’t thank you for gifting these to her.

Soothe Hemp Body Balm by Shanti Wellness.

The new Shanti line of CBD-infused and Ayurvedic-inspired goods are all gorgeously packaged and thoughtfully developed, and the hemp from which Shanti’s CBD is derived is sun-grown in Colorado. Shanti’s founder Mohnia Patel is the daughter of Ayurveda devotees who operated a holistic medicine shop; her work now continues that of her parents. [Note: Shanti Wellness products are 25% off for Mother’s Day only! with promo code MOM25]

EGF by Kana Skincare, plus a Peach G Pen from Herbology .

How about a carefully considered dual gift for a DIY spa night – combining the most amazing Korean skincare essence (like the serums we know from US-based brands, but lighter) plus a G Pen Gio in Peach from Herbology? The essence is a cult-favorite product that your mother may not splurge for herself on, and the new CBD G Pen is chic and discreet.

CBD-infused bath salts from Vertly, with white tea ginger soap from Nooks and Crannies CBD.

Anyone who works out, works at a computer, gardens, drives, etc., will be beyond thankful to receive CBD-infused bath salts. Vertly’s are next-level: Inside the West Coast-style packaging are essential oils of lavender, lemon and clary sage; and botanical infusions of marjoram, yarrow, and rosemary. Pair this with Nooks and Crannies CBD-infused soaps, made with coconut milk, coconut oil, spirulina, and essential oils for the dreamiest bath around.

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