Mother’s Day is a bigger cannabis holiday than you might think

Eaze Team
May 1, 2019

Moms love marijuana too.

Admit it: If you’re a cannabis consumer, odds are there was a time in your life when you hid it from your mom.

Well … guess what? There’s at least a decent chance that at some point, she was hiding it from you, too.

As legal adult-use dawns in the U.S., people are just being more open about cannabis in general, according to an Eaze Insights survey from early 2018. While legal recreational marijuana will surely inspire many moms to try something new this year—whether it’s for sleep, stress and anxiety, pain management, or just for fun—let’s not forget those moms who were with us all along (whether we knew it or not).

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Mother’s Day is legit lit.

Believe it or not, Mother’s Day is one of the bigger cannabis holidays, in terms of a sales bump over just a regular Sunday, according to the 2017 Eaze Insights State of Cannabis report. Mother’s Day doesn’t have nearly the sales clout of 4/20 or Green Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving), but it eked out a Top 10 finish last year:

So what’s driving this phenomenon?

It’s not crystal clear, but we have some clues.

For one thing, there’s evidence that parents are comfortably using cannabis as part of their wellness routine. People who might have stopped using marijuana as they entered parenthood in the past may be sticking with it, the byproduct of better education about wellness benefits, legalization and social normalization.

As of last year, one in five Eaze customers—across all age and relationship-status demographics—is a parent, according to Eaze’s Modern Marijuana Consumer report from last June.

And most of those are daily users, suggesting a high contingency of consumption for medical or relief purposes.

Women are rapidly warming up to cannabis.

It’s just a fact: Men have dominated cannabis-use stats since time immemorial. By most measurements, men have been roughly responsible for about two-thirds of cannabis sales, or more.

But that’s changing very quickly, as you can see here:

In just three years of measurement, Eaze has seen female consumers not only jump by 10%, but increase their spending by 20%. With as many parents as we have signed up in California, that’s sure to mean more moms.

Most women are every-day consumers.

The women who order from Eaze are nobody’s dilettantes—their rate of consumption weighs heavily toward the everyday (again, suggesting a high degree of wellness-conscious consumers and medical users).

Moms are more open with their kids about cannabis than dads.

By a lot. The Eaze Insights survey on openness found that women are nearly twice as likely to be open with their children (61% vs 37% for men).

Moms being open about cannabis with their kids, who are more likely these days to know about what kinds of cannabis products—which are now legal in California and can be delivered in an hour—can benefit them?

Sounds like a recipe for the best Mother’s Day gifts, ever.

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