Mother’s Day 2022 Gift Guide

Diana Gonimah
May 3, 2022

Mother’s Day is less than a week away and you’re all out of ideas. Whether it’s a parent, godparent, or friend you’re shopping for, Eaze has your back with 9 gifts Moms will love. The best part? We offer same-day delivery from the widest selection of mother-owned cannabis brands in California. Don’t walk into Mother’s Day 2022 empty-handed, walk in with an Eaze bag:

1. For the Foodie Mom:

Get your foodie mom on board with cannabis with S’mores Milk Chocolate or Cookies N’ Cream Malt Balls, the perfect dessert after one of mom’s delicious home-cooked meals. Each serving will leave mom feeling both euphoric and relaxed, a great way to wind down in the evenings.

punch edibles smores, eaze delivery

2. For the Fashionista mom: 

Her impeccable aesthetic is only matched with an equally chic cannabis brand like Pure Beauty, with products that are stunning both inside and out. For a CBD-forward gift, you can’t go wrong with this 10-pack of prerolls, with 2% THC and 19% CBD. With a sweet, lemony, piney aroma and taste, these babies make for an overall calming effect.

pure beauty prerolls, eaze delivery, women owned

3. For the proud Dog Mom:

Walking the dog is always better with a mini-preroll on-the-go. Add the PLAY prerolls from Weekenders to your next haul. BIPOC-owned and mom-run, Weekenders pre-rolls use full buds sustainably grown in the hills of Humboldt, California. And each pack contains 7 joints of .5 grams each, perfect for midday jaunts.

weekenders, prerolls, eaze delivery

4. Gifts for the Self-Care Queen: 

Not all moms appreciate a bubble bath, but when they do, it’s because of Om Edibles Lavender Epsom Salt Mineral Soak. Infused with premium cannabis flower plus lavender and other essential oils, this bath soak is Ideal for relieving aches, promoting sleep, and elevating your mood without any psychoactive effects.

om edibles lavender epsom salt, eaze delivery

Whether you’re shopping for your mom or a friend navigating her first year as a mom, nothing says tender-loving-care like BÉSAME Kissable Forbidden Fruit Massage Oil from Taste of Love, which was founded by the coolest mother-daughter duo you’ll ever meet.

house of ldlr, edible massage oil, cannabis massage oil

5. For the Cool Mom: 

She’s not a regular mom. She makes a mean mocktail and it’s about to get more delicious when you introduce her to S*SHOTS. Made with real fruit juices and infused with 100mg of glorious THC, Sesh Shots are vegan, gluten free, made with cane sugar, and hit harder and faster than most edibles. Make an evening out of trying out some cool California-sober-friendly cocktail recipes with mom.

s*shots lemon crush, eaze delivery

6. For the Fit Mom:

For the mom whose idea of fun is jumping on the Peloton and ending every evening with a cup of chamomile tea, we recommend Kikoko’s Tranquili-tea. With 3mg THC and 5mg CBN, mom will enjoy a minimal head high with a powerful easing of the body. Designed to help you fall and stay asleep, CBN produces a sedative effect! Blended with chamomile and valerian root, this product is reliable and consistent.

kikoko, tranquilitea, eaze delivery

7. For the Artsy Mom: 

Help spark your mom’s creativity with Biko’s Juseyo Preroll. Curated for creative euphoria, Juseyo Diamonds is a smooth, creamy, high-potency smoke for high-functioning connoisseurs.

biko flower, juseyo preroll, eaze, delivery california

8. For the Wino Mom

She’s still not convinced that cannabis is better than wine? Grace mom with these Calm & Focus Sparkling Strawberry Rosé Gummies from Garden Society, inspired by the delicious flavors of wine country.

garden society sparkling rose gummies

9. For the Movie Marathoner Mom:

Binging movies will be better with these delicious Chocolate Therapy edibles from Dr. Norm’s. Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Each cookie is perfectly dosed with clear distillate which means they pack a powerful punch without the “weedy” taste.

dr norms cookie therapy, eaze delivery


Garden Society C12-0000062-LIC; Dr Norms: CDPH-10003615; Biko: CDPH-10003275; Kikoko: C11-0000697-LIC, S*SHOTS: CDPH-10003710; Om Edibles: CDPH-10001131; Weekenders: C11-0000371-LIC, C11-0000497-LIC; Pure Beauty: C11-0001100-LIC; Punch: CDPH-10003615

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