Is Mom a cannabis cynic or a fan? We have a perfect Mother’s Day note

Eaze Team
May 10, 2019

It’s 2019, it’s Mother’s Day, and you’re (understandably) excited! You want to share your enthusiasm for legal, adult-use cannabis therapies with the mom in your life, because you know it could help her with sleep, aches and pains, or just as a way to unwind without alcohol.

But all moms are different. Some of them are … very different. (Those are the cool moms.)

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No matter where your mom falls on marijuana, there’s something out there she’s not aware of, never tried before, and will thank you for later. And not only do we deliver on Sunday, we’ll send along a card and envelope you can sign, too.

So? What kind of mom is yours?

Click the links below for a message you can forward along.

Mom is a cannabis cynic.

Click here if legalization isn’t changing mom’s mind. She still has her doubts about medical marijuana, and certainly doesn’t want to get high.

Mom is cannabis curious.

Click here if mom’s been reading a lot about cannabis therapies for things like arthritis, and wants to know if it can help. And hey, if there’s a buzz, there’s a buzz!

Mom is cannabis cool.

Click here if mom could probably toke you under the table. But after years of nothing but flower of questionable origin and dodgy edibles, she’s ready for the next level.

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