Meet Robert Holland, Founder of Tempo Crackers

Diana Gonimah
Jun 21, 2021

Long before charcuterie boards were viral on TikTok, Tempo has been redefining the appetizer game. If you’ve heard of Tempo, then you probably know its Rosemary, Sour Cream, and Sundried Tomato crackers are the ultimate California charcuterie board essential. With each cracker containing 2mg of THC, Tempo is the perfect doseable snack. And it’s only a short Eaze delivery away from your kitchen.

In celebration of PRIDE month, we got to sit down with Robert Holland, CEO and Founder of Tempo, to learn what this month means for him and the brand at large, and we’re delighted to share that Tempo’s PRIDE partner is the LGBTQ Freedom Fund, an organization fighting mass detention by paying bail to secure the safety and liberty of individuals in US jails and immigration facilities.

tempo crackers robert holland

What does Pride and cannabis mean to you and your company/organization?
Pride is all about breaking down the internal walls that are holding you back from being YOU. From the beginning, our goal with Tempo was to develop a snack that would motivate you to take a moment, reset your mindset, and be the absolute best version of yourself.
The LGBTQ+ community are longtime cannabis advocates for many reason, with the HIV/AIDS crisis and compassionate cannabis being paramount. How and/or why are you continuing that tradition?
We’ve learned that the fight for equality is inherently intersectional. With each new project, we aim to build a community that elevates under-represented voices and provides opportunities to redefine the cannabis industry in opposition to harmful stereotypes and gender norms. We’re proud to share that more than 55% of our consumers are women (notably 30+) and hope to keep defying industry standards for consumer demographics.
What are your top 3 go-to, Queer-centric tv show?
Euphoria, Pose, & Sense 8
It’s the weekend, you are at a club, what song makes you rush to the dance floor?
Chemicals by SG Lewis
What LGBTQ+ person (past or present) would you love to sesh with?
Alan Turing

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