Meet Marc Soo, Co-Founder of ALT

Diana Gonimah
May 5, 2021

One of the newest additions to the Eaze menu, ALT is a low calorie, discreet, portable mix-in that becomes neutral and unnoticeable when combined with your favorite beverage, so you can just enhance whatever you love. At 5MG THC, ALT can be precisely dosed into any beverage for a completely unique euphoria.

In our latest interview, we sat down with ALT co-founder Marc Soo to learn everything from his go-to karaoke song to his vision for the cannabis industry:

What do you want to accomplish in cannabis?

“Excite Wonder” and “Enhance Performance.”

With ALT, my primary aim is to create products to improve people’s lives, and to cultivate an active community of high performers.

What was your first experience with cannabis like?

I grew up in Asia and arrived in North America to attend Boarding School when I was 13. I was soaking everything in and seeking new experiences so when cannabis came around, I was fascinated and reached for it. I remember smoking on the roof of some elementary school with friends, and then losing track of time and stumbling back to the dorms way past curfew with a smile on my face. I was grounded for a couple weeks for my tardiness, but the juice was worth the squeeze, and I knew in my heart that this was a window into something special.

How are you changing the conversation around cannabis in the Asian American community?

Growing up in my Asian circles, recreational drugs in any form were not tolerated or understood. We were still haunted by the Opium Wars with the British and the social and political consequences that resulted from drug addiction. The distinction between drugs for recreational or medical use had not been defined and if it was illicit, it was out of bounds. But there is a new wave of compassion and understanding around cannabis globally that is hard to ignore and I am glad to be a part of the movement. With each positive example and use case of responsible cannabis being spotlighted to the masses, our case for blanket legalization gets stronger. I believe we must ride this positive momentum and reframe cannabis as a medicine, not a drug. And as a collective, it is important that we all speak up openly and honestly about how cannabis has affected our quality of life: with positive examples, responsible use, and recognition of abuse.

What is your favorite thing that you did high this year?

I dosed a group of friends with ALT one night and then we proceeded to the beach where we had a Silent Disco party on the sand. We were planning on having a sober night, as the group was exhausted from consecutive nights of heavy drinking, and general over consumption. I managed to convince everyone that microdose-able cannabis, especially ALT, is not as taxing on the body and would be the perfect lubricant for a good time. We all took ALT, danced the night away, and had a blast, while scaring a few passersby’s in the process.

What Asian icon would you love to sesh with?

Before Michael Jordan graced us with his mastery of flight, Bruce Lee was my MJ. An athlete, an entertainer, a philosopher, and an international Asian icon, Bruce Lee was one of my role models. He had such a big personality, I love imagining all the fun we would have kicking it and spit-balling while on ALT.

What’s your go-to munchies snack?

I used to let my imagination run wild and attack the fridge. Nowadays, I love to eat fruit when I’m high. And in most cases, the natural sugars and terpenes step up the experience and keep me from crashing.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Livin On A Prayer. Citing Bon Jovi probably dates me, but it’s a classic!

What about cannabis 2021 gets you excited?

Consumption lounges! For some time, cannabis has been confined to private spaces, however, steps are being taken to bring cannabis back into the public domain. I am looking forward to people being able to consume cannabis more openly and freely, and the many amazing experiences and memories that will be made possible through public consumption.

License No. CDPH-10003808

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