Meet Kahlil Lozoraitis, CEO and Founder of Weekenders

Diana Gonimah
Feb 4, 2022

WEEKENDERS does cannabis a little differently. Using full buds, sustainably grown in the hills of Humboldt, California, the brand meticulously blends uplifting THC flower with healing CBD to create a high that’s perfectly balanced for whatever the weekend has in store.

In celebration of Black History Month, we sat down with Kahlil Lozoraitis, CEO and Founder of WEEKENDERS to find out what the brand has in store for 2022.

Kahlil Lozoraitis, CEO of Weekenders

What are you manifesting in 2022?

Growth in our brand sales and presence both in California and beyond to other adult recreational states. Growth in the culture of our brand. This year we had some wonderful collaborations with farmers, artists, and creators and we want to see more of that. And finally, much more conscious consumption – people thinking about how and where the cannabis is grown. Who profits from the sale? Who and what is being supported with their purchase? I see it happening we just need more of it!

What Black person or organization, past or present best embodies the spirit of your brand?

There are many but right now – The iconic Sidney Poitier. He created something new by the force of his will and broke down doors and perceptions that made what seemed impossible possible for so many that came after him. It is easy to forget how new this industry is when we are in the thick of it, but it is critical that as a majority black owned business we do what we can to not only create opportunity but also the vision and idea that this is what a cannabis CEO and business can look like.

Sidney Poitier

Which one of your products (available on would you suggest to new customers?

Our Chill blend. It’s perfect for a nice functional high any time of the day or night. If you’re new to cannabis or an experienced consumer it offers an exceptional, balanced, clear high.

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Why should cannabis customers continue to support Black brands year-round? 

This industry is in its infancy and we have a chance to build it in a fair and equitable way but that will depend in part on the support of conscious consumers who share those values.

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