Meet Dae Lim, CEO of Sundae School

Diana Gonimah
Jun 9, 2021

Real fashion is alive and well and Sundae School is a living testament to it. We’re excited to highlight Dae Lim today, the CEO of Sundae School, a design studio and craft cannabis brand raising the bar for smokewear and weed, and delighted to share that Sundae School will be donating a portion of proceeds during PRIDE to the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund, an organization building safe homes & communities for Black Homeless Trans Women and providing housing and 24/7 emergency financial assistance to those in urgent need.

Learn about Dae in our latest interview:

dae lim ceo of sundae school

1. What does Pride and cannabis mean to you and your company/organization? 
Pride is a journey of self-acceptance. It means loving yourself for who you are, regardless of what the society dictates you “should” be. Not even kidding, but it was really Cannabis that helped me confront my fears of self-acceptance, to not just weigh the pros and cons of the consequence of coming out, but to think of myself as a living, breathing, feeling being.
2. The LGBTQ+ community are longtime cannabis advocates for many reason, with the HIV/AIDS crisis and compassionate cannabis being paramount. How are you continuing that tradition? 
By spreading awareness and donating, and putting our money where our mouth is. We donate percentage of our revenue to organizations that we believe in, and on our e-commerce platform, our customers can choose which organizations they will go to. 2. In hiring – 30% of our team are LGBTQIA members.

3. What are your top 3 go-to, Queer-centric tv shows?

1. The Wire
2. Mine (Korean TV Show)
3. Skins

4. It’s the weekend, you are at a club, what song makes you rush to the dance floor?

Im not at the club on the weekends, but I dance (many times alone) listening to Pretty Savage by Blackpink

5. What LGBTQ+ person (past or present) would you love to sesh with?

David Hockney

About the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund

1 in 5 transgender people in the United States has been discriminated upon when seeking a home, and more than 1 in 10 have been evicted from their homes, because of their gender identity and the fact that most are poor and have no wealth in their name. The Homeless Trans Women Fund is dedicated to expanding housing, financial assistance to Homeless Trans Women so they are able to buy a home, open a business or going back to school; and connect them with financial resources for Black Trans Women to get 24/7 anywhere in the United States.

In the coming months, our campaign goal is to raise enough funds to provide a safe living environment and support for Black Trans Women that allows them to live free from hate, injustice, discrimination and to escape any Homophobic country or place that is violating their human rights because of their gender or sexual orientation.

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