L E U N E | Embarking on a Flavor Journey

Eaze Team
Apr 17, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner and we’re quickly switching gears to summer vacation mode. Just when we thought our cabin fever was getting the best of us, L E U N E reminded us that we can all still board Flight 420.

Whether you’re watching a bunch of travel documentaries, walking to the nearest beach, or seshing in your apartment, get acquainted with L E U N E‘s products, or shall we say, your new travel buddies!

Journey through the clouds

Cloud Berry prerolls bring a tangy burst of blackberry that’s truly a first-of-its kind cannabis experience. The natural terpenes aren’t overwhelming – you certainly know you’re smoking weed – and the tartness is appealing from the moment you light it to very end. This conversation-starter is perfect for your socially distanced MDW barbecue and comes in a stylish, re-closeable tin.

Stuck in an apartment for the summer? Happiness is a short flight (of stairs) away. Answer the door and grab your Eaze delivery to try the Cloud Berry all-in-one vaporizer–you’ll recognize that same Cloud Berry tartness, but with a deeper, blue-fruit base. The hardware is among the best on the market; it draws beautifully, with a strong and satisfying pull that never leaves you wanting or guessing.

Flying Sol(o)

If you loved Cloud Berry, you should check out L E U N E’s Sol Berry, a lovely hybrid accented with sweetness of strawberry and the tartness of rhubarb. Travel light with this all-in-one–it’s what you need to pack for a well-balanced high this summer.

If you’re vacationing in your backyard this summer, try the Sol berry preroll. The vibe is perfect for coasting: a well-balanced high bringing the best of happy meets chill.

Chasing golden hour

Maybe you wish you were at Burning Man, but the desert can just come to you. A cheerful vacation for your mind, Desert Gold prerolls are more cannabis-forward, but their tropical terpene infusion is just enough to tell this isn’t your typical toke. Both flavors are infused with natural terpenes in a process that preserves the flower’s freshness and integrity, so they draw beautifully and burn evenly.

[Photo courtesy of L E U N E.]
The Desert Gold all-in-one vapes carry those same peach and tropical notes as their preroll counterpart. Remember, these L E U N E vaporizers look subtle and stylish, but they are not to be trifled with: this is a strong, quality distillate that will get you high, so dose accordingly!

[Photo courtesy of L E U N E]

California dreamin’

We’re always California dreamin’ but our minds can run wild we stay local this summer. Try the all-in-one Piña Dream. With 3:1 THC to CBD combination with fresh juicy pineapple flavor balanced by aromatic herbs, the vibe will transcend you from the noise of everyday life to a tranquil and serene state.

Vacation, delivered.

You can still have it all. With L E U N E’s hybrid Naked prerolls, you can experience the best of California’s in-season flower.

L E U N E is available exclusively across the Eaze network. Enjoy the moment and jumpstart the summer vacation season with L E U N E.

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