Legion of Bloom: Environmental Advocacy Through Cannabis

Taylor Engle
Jan 9, 2022

As the world continues to learn about cannabis, there is plenty of room for advocacy within the industry. Legion of Bloom, the California-based cannabis brand, is dedicated to environmental advocacy and sustainability that honors and uplifts cannabis culture.

The brand was formed by five farmers (and friends) dedicated to cannabis excellence. With extensive experience as cultivators, these five friends have been invested in the cannabis industry since the Prop 215 era.

Their deep reverence for cannabis and desire to craft unique products for their loyal fans has propelled LEGION to elite status–the brand has won 10 industry awards for its product lines over the years, most recently: 1st and 3rd place in the Distillate Cartridge category for its Monarch line, and 2nd place in the Live Resin Cartridge category for its California Sauce line at the 2019 Emerald Cup.

To put it simply, Legion of Bloom is dedicated to providing people with quality experiences produced in the “right way.” That means no chemicals, no additives, and no harmful pesticides.

The brand also places a heavy emphasis on sustainability, cultivating consciously, using plastic-free packaging, and donating a portion of their vape line sales to different habitat restoration programs across the state. For example, LEGION’s Monarch cartridge line is specifically focused on saving the Monarch butterfly from extinction, and its Strain Specific Pods and California Sauce Live Resin line are dedicated to planting trees in California forests devastated by wildfires.

“For our Monarch Vape line, we are working closely with the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts (CARCD)–a portion of our sales go to the Monarch Butterfly conservation grant program for local resource districts,” said LEGION’s Marketing Director, Troy Meadows. “With our Strain Specific and California Sauce PAX Pods, we will be working with One Tree Planted to help fund reforestation projects in areas affected by wildfires.”

When cultivating their derived products, LEGION focuses on terpenes as a key component to the cannabis experience, bringing an unmatched flavor and consistency to its products.

All of LEGION’s products are lab-tested, and this information is open and available on their website. The founders take what they put into their bodies very seriously, and want to reflect the same consideration and safety to consumers.

With a team that has a vast amount of experience in the cannabis industry and deep reverence for the plant, LEGION isn’t just another cannabis company–it’s part of the culture. From transdermal CBD products to pods to cartridges, Legion of Bloom has a form of cannabis for every occasion.

Are you ready to join the LEGION?

Licenses: 1. Legion of Bloom C11-0000739-LIC, CDPH-10002733

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