Leaning Into Indica This Cancer Season

Anna Dorn
Jun 23, 2020

While Cancer season marks the transition into summer, it isn’t all pool parties and fireworks. A far cry from the bubbly energy of Gemini season, Cancers are known for being shy, nurturing, and perceptive. While Gemini season pushed us outward to share information (i.e. gossip), Cancer season is all about retreating into our inner emotional worlds.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, the moodiest and most emotional of all planets. The moon represents our shadow side; who we are when no one is looking. It’s associated with the home, our inner feelings, and our closest relationships. While Geminis will say anything to get a laugh, Cancers remain true to their hearts.

With the chaotic, cerebral energy of Gemini behind us, now is the time to slow your roll and feel your feelings. Spring was all about uppity sativas, but summer is about soothing indicas. Get cozy with your quarantine cutie and wear your heart on your sleeve.

PM Chill Out by Quarters

Cancers have so many amazing traits—insight, creativity, warmth—but they often need some assistance when it comes to chilling out. This vape serves the ideal indica for achieving your dream sleep and keeping the intense feelings at bay.

Summer Edition Indica Minis Preroll 5-Pack by Island

Celebrate summer Cancer-style—with these limited edition indica minis. This five-pack contains smaller-sized prerolls inside festive summer packaging. Smoke your summertime sadness away with strong notes of fuel, skunk, and spice.

Milk Chocolate by Punch Edibles

These hand-crafted artisanal cannabis chocolates pair perfectly with the gooey warmth of Cancer season. The milk chocolate melts in your mouth and relaxes your whole body—a great way to get in touch with the inner you.

Blackberry & Lemon Indica Gummies by PLUS

The precision and perceptiveness of a Cancer is matched only by the precisely-dosed UNWIND gummies by Plus. The mellow indica high will leave you feeling relaxed and happy. Made with a 9:1 THC to CBD ratio for extra relief, these all-natural, fast-acting gummies will bring you to the mellow indica happy place you need to survive mercury in retrograde.

Naked Preroll by LEUNE

The uber-feminine Cancer season is the ideal time to support female-run brands like LEUNE. This hybrid preroll is packed with clean, California flower—perfect for a daytime high by the beach.

CALM Honeyshot by Kikoko

Another female-run brand, Kikoko’s HoneyShots are filled with New Zealand Manuka Honey, 10mg CBD, and <2 mg THC. A sticky sweet way to calm down, plus the natural energy boost of honey. Use to sweeten up a beverage or dessert, or indulge as is on a hot summer day.

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