KGB Reserve: Bringing You Killer Green Bud

Diana Gonimah
Feb 2, 2021

A Latinx-owned business, KGB Reserve was co-Founded by Mike Davila and Derrick Hemming. They met in 2011 during a cannabis conversation in Oakland, California—where the two friends operate their distribution and manufacturing companies today. Collectively they draw upon their 45+ years of cannabis knowledge to provide a truly memorable cannabis experience. They’ve battled first-hand experience with the adverse effects of the War on Drugs on their communities, and have propelled themselves forward, attaining a Social Equity license in Oakland and growing their business through grit and hard work.

KGB Reserve prerolls are hand-crafted and made from the highest quality ingredients using small batch, artisanal methods. If you notice a certain kind of flavor from KGB Reserve, Mike and Derrick assure you it stems from the co-founders’ “spicy Cuban and Mexican roots.”

We had the opportunity to ask Mike and Derrick what they’d like Eaze shoppers to know:

“We would like to let our customers know we love and appreciate them and every KGB Reserve product is crafted with them in mind. KGB is an acronym for Killer Green Bud, which is the main ingredient in all our products. We take tremendous pride in the cannabis experience we create. Sourcing the highest quality ingredients available.” – Mike Davila, co-founder, KGB Reserve

Haven’t shopped KGB Reserve before? Check out a couple of our favorite products on the menu!

Spy Rock Sour Bambino Infused 0.5g Preroll

This indica-dominant hybrid is a powerful cross of Spyrock Og (Kosher Kush X Stardawg) and Sour Diesel. Bringing on deep body relaxation and energetic cerebral effects, this strain is good for relaxing while staying focus. It’s perfect for those who seek a social, happy high without any hyper vibes. Contains a single preroll with 0.5g of flower.

SFV OG Torpedo Infused 1.3g Preroll

SFV OG is a relaxing-yet-uplifting hybrid that promotes creativity and sparks all your senses with its earthy, piney aroma and woody taste. Ideal for getting relief without getting glued to the couch.

Strawberry Cough Torpedo Infused 1.3g Preroll

Strawberry Cough is a classic sativa, offering an uplifting, euphoric effect alongside its sweet, fruity flavor and aroma.

(License No. CDPH-10003099)

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