Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution with Cannabis

Taylor Engle
Jan 8, 2022

According to our calculations, 90% of people reading this are happy 2021 is over. Regardless of how it went for you, new years inspire new beginnings and for many, self-improvement.

Here are some of the most commonly-made resolutions, and some tips and treats to help you stay on track:

Exercise More

Hands down, the most popular New Year’s resolution people make year after year is the resolution to start working out. You’ve probably heard your gym-rat friends complain about the “January people”–a.k.a., people who join the gym in January and usually stop going by the end of the month.

Gyms can be intimidating, especially for someone just starting to venture into fitness. To make this goal a little more realistic, start small by going for daily walks/runs, doing some yoga, or popping on a short YouTube workout. You’ll likely experience a fair amount of soreness, so it may be a good idea to throw some cannabis into your routine. Once you’ve completed your sweat session, pop a few WYLD THC:CBD gummies–the THC will relax your mind, while the CBD can ease any pain or stiffness and help you get a good night’s sleep.

Get Organized

A daunting resolution to take on while the world is still turned upside down, but if you can master organization now, you can master it forever! Organization can look like straightening up your living space, cleaning out your wardrobe, bringing order to your work-from-home station, or buying yourself a fun planner to keep track of your daily tasks. There are many ways to start, and once you get going, you aren’t going to want to stop.

Once you’ve finished your first organizational task, reward yourself with a nice hit of Weekenders’ hybrid Drift Prerolls. It delivers perceptiveness, euphoria, and a balanced body high that won’t push you over the edge and will provide you the balance to tackle your next project.

Dry January

Dry January is another one of the most commonly-attempted resolutions year after year. After sipping on wine, whiskey and eggnog all December long, many people feel like they need to take a break from alcohol. As a stressed out adult (oh, and throw a global pandemic on top of that), this is no easy feat, but that’s where “California sober” comes into play–the idea that you can participate in Dry January while still partaking in cannabis. Say less, right?

Opt for a can of Cann’s limited edition Cranberry Sage weed-infused beverage to carry you through the month, perfect for relaxing, unwinding, and connecting to the cosmos.

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Okay, so maybe this resolution isn’t that common, but with stats like this, we need all the help we can get. Sexual inactivity increased among men and women from 2000-2018, so just imagine how much that’s jumped since the Year of Staying Inside and Leaving Each Other Alone.

Whether you’re (carefully!) searching for a new partner, spicing things up with your current one, or just riding solo, research has shown that cannabis can increase sexual longevity, reduce the amount of time it takes to orgasm, and make the experience overall more pleasurable. Spark up LEUNE’S Naked pre-roll before a sensual evening–the perfect combination of happy and chill.

Quit Smoking Nicotine

Whether your vice is vaping or old-fashioned cigarettes, there’s no denying that nicotine is a habit that many aspire to kick in the new year. Swap out the cigarette for something all-natural, soothing, and just plain fun to consume: weed! WEEKENDERS’ CBD-dominant preroll is the perfect substitute. Enjoy feelings of calm and creativity with a touch of indica-forward THC.

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