The Legendary Jungle Boys is Now Available on Eaze

Eaze Team
Dec 27, 2021
Known for their ever-expanding strain library of unique cultivars and a constantly rotating menu of fire flavors, the cannabis community is always waiting to see what’s next from Jungle Boys. We are excited to announce that for the first time ever Jungle Boys products will now be available on Eaze. Each drop will include a fresh group of strains in limited quantities, so stay tuned and get them while they last – Welcome to the jungle!

Jungle Boys Delivery Via Eaze

Established in 2006, Jungle Boys is a brand synonymous with Los Angeles cannabis culture. What started from humble, backyard beginnings, has grown into a brand that is recognized all over the world. Jungle Boys is a collective of cultivators dedicated to growing the cleanest, most potent weed in the game. The team’s dedication to their craft shines through each product, and has earned them a top spot in today’s over-crowded industry. They have developed a cult following of cannabis connoisseurs that camp out for new releases.
“Jungle Boys has worked hard to become what it is today,“ said Ivan, creator of Jungle Boys. “One of the key parts of our DNA is that we constantly drop new strains, in small batches, and our product is always fresh on the shelf.”

Jungle Boys Eaze Delivery

But with so many options on the market, what makes Jungle Boys truly unique?
Jungle Boys adheres to a stringent selection process. Only a small percentage of seeds ultimately make it to market. The team at Jungle Boys is committed to bringing the freshest and most potent flower to the market, working day in and day out to drop innovative fresh strains and using CannVerify to ensure people know they’re getting the real deal–authentic and verified Jungle Boys flower.
Each and every plant is touched by the team, ensuring only premium products are sold at retail. Each harvest is scrutinized for best-in-class offerings. Nothing is taken for granted. This is how Jungle Boys keeps the flame alive.

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