Jetty UNREFINED Resin: Your Best High Yet

Taylor Engle
Aug 29, 2020

Since the brand’s 2013 debut, Jetty Extracts has been all about innovation.

When it was founded, Jetty’s original goal was to provide consumers with cannabis extracts that are as close to the plant itself as possible. Their first step was to figure out how to remove additives from vaping, which were commonly used at the time and not yet recognized for their health risks.

Today, Jetty Extracts continues to innovate the vaping industry with unique extraction techniques that are able to preserve more and more of the plant’s benefits at its time of harvest, and they are ready to release a product that is the closest they’ve come to the plant itself: Jetty UNREFINED Live Resin.

With a flavor and potency reminiscent of smoking flower, Jetty’s UNREFINED Live Resin brings something different to the concentrate table. Using premium, fresh-frozen cannabis, this form of live resin is minimally processed in order to preserve a flavor and feel that is true to the plant’s origins. As Jetty boasts, UNREFINED is “uncut,” with no distillate and a “real flower high.”

“At the end of the day, our mission is to make extracts that are as close to the living plant as we possibly can,” Ferguson said. “Unrefined and not distilled is the best way to do that and what gets us the most excited.”

Live resin is already recognized for its terpene preservation–while other forms of concentrate tend to lose terpene quality through the extraction process, live resin is specifically designed to preserve as many terpenes, cannabinoids, and other natural plant compounds as possible. Using light-touch extraction, Jetty’s process allows for the real flavor of the plant to shine through, as if you were vaping flower.

When compared to other 100% live resin products, Jetty UNREFINED typically shows a bigger profile of plant compounds. “We use proprietary cryoextraction and curing techniques to make sure little is degraded in the process,” Ferguson said. “It’s honestly as close to the living plant as we’ve ever gotten. So for us, that means a ton of flavor.”

While distillate oils tend to have a higher potency and THC percentage than live resin, the idea that live resin won’t get you as high isn’t necessarily accurate. The full spectrum of live resin–all of the components of the plant that were preserved and therefore able to work together–provides an entourage effect that will leave you with a full, intense body high, sort of like smoking indica for the first time.

Jetty plans to continue expanding their role in cannabis innovation.

“We used to have to do all this under the radar when we got started back in 2013. Now we can keep improving and discovering with the help of researchers and support from the whole community,” Ferguson said. “We have a PhD chemist and engineers on staff. We couldn’t get anyone with real experience to even return our calls in the early days! Now it feels like there’s no limit to what we’ll discover.”

In the interest of safe, clean, and downright delicious cannabis products, we’ll definitely be staying tuned.

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