ISLAND | Finding Your Island—Wherever You Are

Diana Gonimah
May 2, 2020

For the first time in years, our calendars are wide open. From the music festivals to the weekends packed with obligations, every big event that would otherwise monopolize our time is no longer standing in our way.

Getting on island time in 2020 is easier than ever. With a little help from Island’s premium cannabis, we can find that summer getaway within ourselves—the world’s our oyster.

Island Standard Time

Island Cannabis Co. was established in 2014 under the LA sun with the goal of responsibly producing artisanal quality cannabis products.

Island’s CEO & Founder Ray Landgraf’s first memories with cannabis span the experience of feeling the flower, breaking it down, and putting care into rolling an exemplary joint.

“We like to say it all started with a preroll.”

When prerolls first became available on the market, many cannabis brands used prerolls as an opportunity to get rid of their bottom shelf flower. Island was founded on the belief that everything starts with the quality of the flower and that prerolls were no exception.

Instead of blending strains or filling prerolls with bottom-shelf leftovers, Island used the same single-strain premium flower you’ll find in their jars to handcraft its artisanal prerolls; that means no trim, no shake, and no blends – ever.

Each product is vetted through a matrix called the Island Standard, wherein each flower is triple tested beyond state regulations to ensure it is safe and compliant.

island cannabis

That Island Life

Six years since its founding, Island stands for more than cannabis. Island is a lifestyle brand striving to make the cannabis experience accommodating, approachable, and incredible for everyone. You’ll never find polarizing “canna” puns or overly green images in Island’s messaging.

“We believe everyone’s cannabis experiences are unique and don’t fall into stereotypes or effect-based predictions.”

To build on a mission of cannabis approachability, the introduction of vape pods came as a natural addition to the Island family. Each strain within Island’s vape pod range was hand-selected for its flavor profile and paired with all-natural terpenes to put the flavor of cannabis at the forefront in a fully customizable experience.

Island provides the quality cannabis that enables us to pursue the California dream wherever and whomever we are, bringing the concept of island time to every type of cannabis consumer.

Seas the Day

With summers looking a little different this year, we can all find our island right around the corner. You may not be able to sprint to the beach as often and with as many people as you’d like, but where there’s a will there’s a wave. With 15 Island products available on, you’ll be happy as a clam:

– When your island is a drum solo, try this Mango Haze Pax Era Pod

– When your island is an impromptu yoga class on your balcony, try these Hybrid Mini Prerolls

– When your island is soul searching on the couch, try Island’s OG Drift indica flower

Find your island, wherever you are.

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