Introducing Anarchy: the Cheapest Weed in California

Diana Gonimah
Aug 19, 2021

Society continues to impose labels on cannabis consumers, associating weed with rebellion, counterculture, and trouble-making.

Anarchy is the newest cannabis brand on the scene with a name that sticks it to those stereotypes. It’s here to remind you that cannabis consumers are moms, dads, construction workers, doctors, neighbors and educators alike. Everyone, everywhere should feel comfortable consuming cannabis and more importantly, shouldn’t have to break the bank to smoke a bowl.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Anarchy as the cheapest 8th in California.

No shake, no smalls, no nonsense, just full outdoor buds. And you can only get it on Eaze.

Why is it so cheap?

This year, California is producing nearly 10x more cannabis than ever. The Anarchy team was one of the first to recognize this shift. Early in the outdoor growing season, they set out to partner with cultivators to provide quality cannabis and pass on massive savings to consumers. The result is $10 eighths!

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