Q&A with Dr. Norm’s Co-Founder Roberta Wilson

Diana Gonimah
Mar 10, 2021

Let’s start with the basics. Who are you, where are you from, and what’s your connection to the cannabis industry?

My name is Roberta Wilson and I am the co-founder of Dr. Norm’s. My brother Jeff and I founded Dr. Norm’s and since we are among the “older” members in the cannabis community, we often get asked how we got into this business!

Dr. Norm’s grew out of our experience in the traditional cookie industry. We started a cookie company in honor of our mom, Audrey. She was a pharmacist by profession, but a baker by passion. She spread her love through cookies and felt they were the best prescription to cure all that ails.

She passed away in 2005 and I felt compelled to carry on her legacy of spreading love through cookies! We launched Audrey’s cookies and eventually got into large grocery retail chains including Whole Foods, Sprouts and Costco. In 2015, when Prop 64 went on the ballot to make Recreational cannabis legal in CA, I jokingly said to Jeff “We should do WEED cookies!” I was kidding….he thought it was the best idea in the world! Once I learned about the profound benefits that the cannabis plant had to offer I was ALL IN! We added cannabis into our recipes and changed the name of the company to Dr. Norm’s to honor our dad Norm! He was a beloved medical doctor in LA who gave very personalized, old school care to his patients.

We use the highest quality, best tasting ingredients in our products…along with THC distillate…so they taste AMAZING and have no weedy taste! And our OG chocolate chip cookie is our mom’s ORIGINAL recipe! People often ask if we think our parents would approve of us using their name and likeness on a bag of weed cookies! We have to answer emphatically YES because they help people.

2). What does cannabis mean to you?
Cannabis has taken on a profound meaning to me. From the early days of Dr. Norm’s when I first learned about the many benefits it offers, I have been blown away by the anecdotal stories we hear about how our cookies have helped people. We hear from customers all the time about how they have helped them with sleep, pain, etc. Nothing makes us happier than to hear these stories – it makes what we do have such purpose and we know that we are carrying on the health and wellness legacy of our parents. We had one customer tell us that our cookies have been effective beyond any other treatment for his 18 year old Autistic daughter. She often goes into fits of rage that last up to 48 hours and nothing they tried helped to calm her. He now gives her one cookie at the onset of these bouts and within 30 – 45 minutes she is back to normal. He said it has been lifesaving. This plant has the ability to help so many people in so many ways and for that we are proud to be a part of this industry.
3). What’s unique about your product?
We were the FIRST cookie company to offer single dose, bite-sized cookies in the state of CA. Once the BCC mandated 10mg potency max for edibles all cookie companies had to change their whole businesses. We felt so strongly starting out that precise dosing was a cornerstone of our brand. We have the reputation of being the most consistent cookie brand in CA – your reaction to our cookies will be consistent every time! We are also the BEST tasting cookie in CA! That’s because we use THC distillate and the highest quality ingredients which allow for our cookies to TASTE AMAZING and have no weedy taste! If you taste our non-medicated cookies alongside our medicated ones, you won’t be able to tell the difference!
Dr. Norm’s, License No. CDPH-10003615

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