We’re donating $1 to the Women’s Foundation for every #IWD delivery

Eaze Team
Mar 8, 2019

International Women’s Day is here!

All week long, Eaze has been celebrating the women who are growing the cannabis industry from the roots up. And with International Women’s Day upon us, Eaze is proud to announce our second annual donation to the Women’s Foundation of California.

For each on-demand delivery in California and Oregon today, Friday, March 8, Eaze pledges $1 to the organization, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The Oakland-based org distributes grants and other resources to help historically under-served women and girls.

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The women of cannabis are a force.

Through our International Women’s Day series, we’ve met some of the inspiring women in the California cannabis industry who are founders, CEOs, leaders, and all of the above.

There’s Chelsea Candelaria, CEO of SF Roots, who took a leap of faith to get into cannabis; the heads of brand and research at Caliva; the diverse backgrounds that make PLUS a market-leader; the entrepreneur behind the fresh vision at LEUNE; and the incredible pledge for equality at Bloom Farms.

[Chelsea Candelaria, CEO of SF Roots. Photo by Scott Oller]

The future of legal cannabis is female, too.

The most recent Eaze Insights report found that female consumers are coming on strong, and are a primary driver of the CBD boom. It’s no coincidence that 75% of the brands that ship from Eaze Wellness are led or founded by women.

Eaze salutes our many brands with extraordinary women at the top, and we’re proud to highlight their accomplishments, their visions, and the promise of their place in the future. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, here are just a few more of our favorites:

THC Design.

The secret behind THC Design’s fire flower is Jaira Pass, who, along with Ryan Jennemann, co-founded one of the most consistently excellent indoor grows in Southern California. She’s also the host of the YouTube show Grow Girl, which will turn your closet into a home grow with some hand tools and light lumber.


Kristi Knoblich Palmer co-founded Kiva in the kitchen of her family’s San Fransisco home, partnering with her boyfriend (and later, husband) to create what would become one of the most trusted brands in cannabis.

Punch Edibles.

Punch Edibles CFO Samantha C. and her boyfriend started the company in 2013 that knew exactly what it was aiming at: minimum calories, maximum impact. Now this award-winning brand is a tried-and-true favorite for the edibles-adventurous, and comes in dozens of types and flavors.

Mary’s Medicinals.

Mary’s founder Lynn Honderd jokes that she was a “Just Say No” poster child before discovering the healing power of cannabis.

[Photo courtesy of Lynn
Now Mary’s – whose CFO is also a woman, Robin Swinney – is a top maker of transdermal patches, gel pens, and other innovative wellness products.

Om Edibles.

Om Edibles founder Maya Elisabeth got California’s first permanent/annual cannabis manufacturing license, a feat of skill worthy of a place in history. She’s also launched a menstrual cramp relief brand with her friend Whoopi Goldberg.

[Products in this story are distributed under California licenses A11-18-0000168-TEMP, CDPH-T00000171, CDPH-T00000391, CDPH-T00000114, CDPH-T00000842, CDPH-T00000118, CDPH-T00000155, CDPH-10001131, and A11-18-0000168-TEMP.]

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