I tried CBD every day for a week. Here’s what happened.

Ali Bonar
Jul 24, 2018

Editors note: Ali Bonar is a social media influencer, eating disorder recovery advocate, CEO of Kween Foods and a self-professed “avocado hoarder” who agreed to try a week-long CBD regimen and write about it for Eaze. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and check out her line of granola butter at her company’s website.

What would a week of CBD be? Let’s see!

CBD. You’ve seen it all over the ‘gram, and probably asked yourself, “What the heck is it? Is it legal? Will it get me high?”

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Sit back and relax, my friends. I took one for the team and did a little week-long CBD experiment to help answer all your questions. That’s right — incorporating CBD into my life every day for a week. Curious? Read on.


I woke up giddy, excited to start my experiment (but let’s be clear: definitely not excited for Monday morning. Because those people are the reason I have trust issues). What did I do yesterday? I felt like I was hit by a Mack truck. Ah, that’s right. Barry’s Bootcamp full body … yep, basically a Mack truck.

I pry myself out of bed like an old woman, hobbling across the room as my sore muscles began to adjust to movement after eight hours of rest. Before ripping open my bottle of Advil, I look into my bag of CBD goodies, hoping to find a remedy for my achy legs. BLESS–I remember my CBD massage balm and find it in the bottom of my bag.

I quickly shower and then rub the balm all over my legs, not sure what to expect. I get dressed and start to walk to work, and suddenly realize my legs are feelin’ 100. I’m not sure if it was the walking or the CBD balm, but I’ll take it.

Feelin’ 100 [photo courtesy of Ali Bonar]


Today was crazy at work. I’m talkin’ not-even-5-minutes-to-use-the-bathroom crazy. After a lethal combo of too much coffee and too little food, I came home feeling a bit … on edge, to say the least).

I kept breathing, and suddenly felt something shift. It was easier to breathe deeply, and my body seemed to soften a bit.

I flopped into bed, feeling the weight of the day creep up and sit high and tight in my chest. Anxiety–lots of it. I closed my eyes, focusing on using deep yoga breaths to slow my racing pulse. It was helping … kinda. I blinked my eyes open, suddenly remembering my CBD pen on my dresser.

I took a puff and lay back down in bed. I kept breathing, and suddenly felt something shift. It was easier to breathe deeply, and my body seemed to soften a bit. I felt a sense of calm that I’ve only felt after a glass of wine or a nice, long savasana.

CBD = namaste [photo courtesy of Ali Bonar]


I work from home on Wednesdays, so I have more time to experiment. I haven’t tried my CBD coconut oil, so I decide to mix some into my morning matcha latte (*I had to give up coffee a few months ago, because my baseline is already an anxious hot mess).

Matcha usually gives me a burst of energy to power through my morning, but I feel the caffeine tapering off around 3 p.m. After adding this coconut oil to my AM brew, though, I’m feelin’ great. I think the combo of the healthy fats in the coconut oil and the CBD provided a nice long-lasting calm energy that stayed through the afternoon.

If you’re curious, the matcha latte recipe I used was:

Whisk 1 tsp ceremonial grade matcha with 1/2 cup boiling water until well blended. Pour into high-speed blender and blend with splash of almond milk, 1 scoop collagen, CBD coconut oil (amount will vary depending on dose!) and a few drops of stevia, to taste. Blend until you get that frothy frothy good good.


I slept on my neck wrong (damn pillow) and woke up with a pulsing headache. I figured the CBD balm that worked on my legs would probably work on my head, right? I rubbed some on my temples and neck and got ready for work.

About 20 minutes and three glasses of water later, my headache substantially subsided. It didn’t completely go away, but it lessened the amount of pain and I didn’t need to take ibuprofen in order to survive (#winning).


It’s gummy time. And by gummies, I mean CBD gummies. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Ali, I’ve had edibles before and when I did, I thought the world was imploding and I had to consciously remember to breathe or else I would die. (Or maybe that was just my personal experience with edibles …).

These are different! They’re CBD edibles, meaning there’s no psychoactive effects. Similar to edibles, though, they take longer to work (unlike vape pens, which I felt the effects from almost instantaneously).

I popped one 5 mg CBD gummy in my mouth on my walk home from work. About 30 minutes into my walk, I started to feel calmer and more centered. By the time I got home, felt completely blissed out.

Bottom line?

More calm, more centered [photo courtesy of Ali Bonar]
After trying nearly every form of CBD, I’ll say that 10/10 I’d recommend to a friend. CBD is subtle, which is why I like it. It’s almost adaptogenic in nature; don’t take CBD expecting to have your world rocked. It’s something to help ease the everyday stressors of life and make them slightly more bearable. I loved that it helped me wait out a headache–without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. I love that I was still able to achieve a calm, relaxed state after work–without a glass (or three) of wine.

Will I continue using CBD in my everyday life? Hell-to-the-yes. It’s cheaper than therapy AND it’s at the touch of your fingertips (thanks, Eaze).

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