How to use a CBD oil vaporizer pen

Eaze Team
May 17, 2019

Vape pen essentials: Let’s get started.

Vape pens became California’s favorite way to consume cannabis over the past few years – they’re easy to use, portable, discreet, and fast-acting. And all of those features are available in CBD-only formulations, too.

There are two kinds of CBD-only vapes available for shipping from Eaze Wellness: “all-in-one” pens, which have everything you need built in and ready to go; and the incredibly intuitive G Pen device from Gio, which can be recharged and re-used with disposable cartridges.

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Each has its own advantages, each is easy to understand. If you’re looking for a reliable, no-mess introduction to CBD, look no further!

First, the all-in-ones.

With these, there’s no need for a battery, charging or even pushing a button – you just take it out of the box, find the end with the hole and take a draw.

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Each all-in-one vaporizer on Eaze Wellness contains a half-gram of hemp-derived, full-spectrum CBD oil or pure isolate, about enough for 100-200 puffs. Oil formulations range from 30% to 46% CBD, and may also include natural terpenes and flavors, and can be disposed of once you’ve used up all the oil inside.

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Since there’s no commitment, they’re perfect for beginners. And because they administer small, precise doses, you can try just a little, or as much as you need – CBD is not known to cause any discomfort or side-effects, even in large amounts.

Experiment away!

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The G Pen from Gio.

If you already know you like vaping CBD, the G Pen from Gio may be more your speed.

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Like all-in-ones, there’s no button or trick to operation – you just take it out of your pocket and draw. But the G Pen is easily recharged and re-used with a new cartridge (and changing cartridges just couldn’t be easier – check out the video below).

Don’t be fooled by the lack of buttons; Gio is dialing it in! Though Gio seems as simple as an electronic device can be, it’s loaded with hidden smart features to make sure you get the best experience every time.

Gio doesn’t have temperature and variable voltage controls like some devices, but that doesn’t mean it has no temperature and variable voltage controls – it does! Gio just doesn’t make you hassle with them.

Its flawless draw is controlled by a chip with a sensor that measures air flow, which activates the battery and is sensitive to the strength of your pull.

The safest cartridges available.

Gio cartridges are proprietary to G Pen, which manufactures and supplies them to its oil-producing and filling partners. The companies then work together to create formulations optimized for variable components and settings, meaning every Gio cart comes pre-programmed to dial in the perfect experience, every time, no matter the brand or strain.

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Eaze Wellness carries Gio cartridges from Herbology, which introduced itself to consumers last year with its collection of ultra-pure extracts. But the brand has been well-known to medical researchers – and the developers of the Gio – for years.

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Established in 2011, Herbology is a pioneer in testing and analyzing cannabinoids, including non-psychoactive CBD. The company is working to develop pharmaceutical-grade medications for researchers and hospitals, and its analytics lab helped G Pen ensure that its Gio design components were safe.

Gio devices and Herbology cartridges are sold separately, and make a great vaping starter kit for consumers who want quality, safety, reliability, and re-useability above all else.

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