How to Roll a Joint in 8 Simple Steps

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Dec 11, 2023
Rolling a joint is a classic way to dive into the world of cannabis, and it’s all about savoring the flower’s flavor. Knowing how to roll is absolutely ideal for any cannabis enthusiast (and will even give you solid street cred). There’s a ton of advice on rolling techniques, but the key is ensuring your beautiful creation burns smoothly.

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Wondering about the right amount of weed for a joint?

For starters, go with half a gram and 1¼ size rolling papers. It’s a manageable amount, perfect for a couple of folks. Most store-bought pre-rolls contain a full gram, but some are in 2-packs of half-grams. Once you’ve mastered the art, you can level up to king-sized papers and full-gram joints, expanding your smoking crew.

Choosing the right rolling paper is crucial.

Standard 1¼ papers are easy to roll and accommodate a crutch or filter. Single wides are a tad smaller and often used for regular cigarettes. If you want fatter joints, try 1½ papers. King size papers are great for larger smoking circles.
You can even snag rolls or paper, customizing the joint length up to 16 feet (now you KNOW you’e getting hella high off that). Sizes come in regular or slim versions, with slims being delicate but less papery.
When it comes to material, rolling papers traditionally came from tree pulp, but nowadays, you’ve got options like hemp, rice, bamboo, and flax. White papers might be bleached, and some have additives like charcoal for a quicker burn. On the other hand, brown papers are natural and unbleached. Keep an eye on the package for details.
Feeling fancy? Try novelty rolling materials like gold leaf, rose petals, goji berries, cellulose, and more. Flavored papers, infused with various flavors, add an extra dimension to your smoking experience.
If rolling seems intimidating, start with cones. These pre-shaped rolling papers come in a conical form, often with a crutch at the end. Just grind your weed, pour it in, and pack it down with the included tamping rod or any thin object.
rolling a joint

Now, let’s talk about rolling a joint.

Follow these eights straightforward steps to roll a classic joint, even if you’re a beginner:
1. Gather your supplies:
 – Rolling papers
 – Crutch (for the joint tip)
 – Cannabis grinder
 – Optional: A pen or another thin object for packing the joint
2. Grind up the cannabis flower:
Use a grinder to break down your cannabis into shake. Grinding ensures consistency, makes rolling easier, and promotes even burning. If you don’t have a grinder, scissors or your hands can do the trick.
3. Create a crutch or filter:
Make a crutch with a few “accordion” folds, rolling it to your desired thickness. Filter tips, business cards, or thin cardboard work well. While not necessary, a crutch adds stability to the joint and prevents burning fingertips.
4. Fill the rolling paper with cannabis:
Place the crutch at one end of the rolling paper and fill it with shake. Aim for half a gram to a full gram. Experiment with different types and flavors of rolling papers.
5. Roll up the joint:
Shape your joint and then roll the paper by pinching it between your fingertips, creating the final cone shape.
6. Seal the joint:
Tuck the unglued side into the roll, lick the glued side to tack down one end, starting with the crutch side. Work your way down the seam by tucking and sealing.
7. Pack the joint:
Pack the open end of the joint for an even burn. A pen or any thin object will do. If you’re not sparking up right away, twist the tip to keep it closed.
Step 8:
Light it up, puff it up, enjoy! It’s time to get high off your masterpiece.

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