How to Replace Wine (and other alcohols) with Weed

Eaze Team
Jan 1, 2024

Participating in Dry January? Let’s unveil all the ways you can replace wine (and other alcohols) with weed from Eaze Delivery.

Who says you need alcohol to have a good time?

For as long as humans have been organized enough to reasonably be called a society, our collective focus has consistently revolved around the pursuit of enjoyment and recreation.
Whether we indulge in beverages for the sake of amusement, to cleanse our palates, or merely to cope with the existential weight of consciousness, alcoholic libations have played a central role in cultures worldwide for centuries. However, the cultivation of cannabis has also been a longstanding practice among humans. If historical legal debates on the prohibition of certain pleasures had taken a different turn, it’s quite plausible that marijuana would now be a common fixture on American bar carts.
dry january - pink background, whiskey glass
As we expand our horizons in seeking relaxation or a break from routine, there’s a golden opportunity to venture beyond the familiar world of alcoholic beverages we cherish.
Similar to the diverse array of drinks suited for various occasions, the realm of marijuana offers something for everyone and every moment—fantastic news for the countless individuals who opt out of alcohol but still seek social connection. Keeping this in mind, here are a few suggestions to kickstart your exploration of replacing alcohol with marijuana, catering to your specific preferences.

1. Refresh yourself with this Pina Colada-flavored vape pen instead of a Pina Colada!

Picture this scenario: you find yourself in a sunny spot, yearning for a bit of relaxation and refreshment. Traditionally, this has been synonymous with one particular choice—an invigorating pineapple-coconut beverage. The cannabis counterpart to the classic piña colada experience is a disposable vape pen featuring a delightful pineapple-coconut flavor. Each hit promises a refreshing yet potent burst of tropical sweetness.

leune vape pen pina colada

This plant-forward vape boasts fresh pineapple notes, balanced by aromatic herbs inspired by the fan favorite strain, Pineapple Upside Down Cake. This is the perfect pen to pick up when you need to rise above the noise of everyday life to a tranquil and serene state. No battery required, ready to use out of the box. Weight: 0.5g (CDPH-10004691) Shop here. 

2. Pace yourself with THC:CBD gummies instead of a beer

One of the fantastic aspects of beer lies in its capacity for moderation, thanks to its relatively low alcohol content. Whether you prefer a leisurely sip from a can or an upside-down chug from a keg, the extent to which you indulge is entirely at your discretion. Enter Sparkling Pear THC:CBD-infused gummies, each boasting a mere 2mg of THC and 6mg of CBD. If you find yourself socializing at a bar with friends, you have the flexibility to ease into the experience at your own pace. The lower THC dose ensures you stay lively and engaged instead of being glued to the couch as the festivities unfold.

Sparkling Pear 2:6 Social Gummies - weed gummies - camino

Get in the California state of mind. Inspired by wine country, Kiva’s Sparkling Pear Camino gummies pair an unconventional ratio of CBD to THC for a euphoric high. Transform your day into a weekend away. 20 servings per package. Each serving contains 2mg THC and 6mg CBD. (License No. CDPH-10002402) Shop now.

3. Be daiquiri-level stylish with a Guava Seltzer

If the sole purpose of drinking was to achieve intoxication, we’d all be regularly sipping on 151. However, the aesthetic appeal of holding a glass also plays a significant role. Tropical drinks, with their vibrant colors and knack for masking the taste of alcohol, evoke the relaxing imagery associated with places where such beverages are served. Recreate that same vibe with a Guava THC seltzer, mirroring the visual allure of its daiquiri counterpart while delivering an equally potent experience.

Daytime Guava 10:5 High Seltzer Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon continues to expand the spectrum of dosing with their new High Seltzer Energy Guava featuring THCv! Perfect for those days where you want a high but still have focus to be on top of your game, this PBR’s 10mg of THC and 5mg THCv will provide a natural cannabis derived boost, no caffeine here! All Pabst Blue Ribbon High Seltzers feature a proprietary formula that uses nanotechnology emulsion to allow for quick onset and increased bioavailability. 1 serving per package. Each serving contains 10mg THC and 5mg THCv. (License No. C11-0001185-LIC) Shop here. 

4. Start the party strong with a Sativa vape cartridge instead of shots

Compelling cases exist in favor of taking shots: rapid intoxication and lower calorie intake compared to an equivalent number of cocktails. However, shots also come with their drawbacks, leading many drinkers to swear off a particular type of alcohol. This Sativa vape cartridge encapsulates the positive aspects of taking shots, offering swift and uplifting effects without the need to fill your stomach, mirroring the desirable aspects of the shot experience.

Sour Diesel - 0.5g Circles Base Camp - How to replace wine with weed

Sour Diesel, aka “Sour D” and “Sour Deez,” is a popular Sativa strain made by crossing Chemdawg and Super Skunk. Sour Diesel effects are dreamy, cerebral, fast-acting and energizing. This strain features a pungent flavor profile that smells like diesel. Fun fact: Sour Diesel first became popular in the early 1990’s and has been legendary ever since. Weight: 0.5g (License No. CDPH-10002329) Shop here. 

5. Make Wine Wednesday Weed Wednesday with some Prerolls.

Devotees of wine delight in the pleasure of uncovering the nuanced essences and flavors that have permeated their glass, engaging in the ritual of swirling and sniffing until the secrets of the wine are unveiled. Similarly, marijuana, boasting numerous strains, follows a comparable approach, and the optimal exploration of a strain’s distinct characteristics often occurs in its original flower form. Much like a wine tasting, experiencing Tangie prompts a sensory quest, and the elegant glass container it is presented in adds a touch of sophistication to the experience.

Tangie Diamond Infused 2-Pack - 1g Circles Eclipse - How to replace wine with weed

Tangie is a strain celebrated for its vibrant citrus aroma and flavor. It offers energizing and uplifting effects, often appreciated for daytime use. Weight: 1g. (License No. CDPH-10003892) Add to cart here. 

6. Replace a bottle of wine with Indica gummies

…and then there are those occasions when the focus is more on the size of the wine bottle than its contents. No judgment here; we understand. Consider this delightful alternative that allows you to maintain a sophisticated vibe without waking up with a hangover that forces you to dip into your precious company sick days.

Marionberry Gummies WYLD - How to replace wine with weed

WYLD‚ Marionberry Gummies are made with real fruit and infused with an Indica terpene profile, making these a reliable addition to your end-of-day routine. When you are ready to unwind, let yourself savor one of the gummies while you wait for the natural effects to wash over your body and mind, allowing yourself to end the day in a dreamy, worry-free state. 10 servings per container. (License No. C11-0000192-LIC) Shop here.

Whether alcohol is off the table entirely for you, or you’re simply exploring alternatives to your usual sources of enjoyment, this is an exciting moment to experiment with diverse ways to replace wine with weed (and other alcohols, of course). Moreover, prioritizing a reduction in alcohol consumption contributes to overall well-being, and given the numerous parallels in the realm of marijuana, transitioning into healthier habits becomes a seamless and enjoyable journey.

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