How to Live the High Life This Memorial Day

Taylor Engle
May 28, 2021

Summer has never been as highly-anticipated as it is this year, and Memorial Day is the perfect kickoff to the season. A day designed for remembrance, respect, and a whole lot of BBQ, we’ve got a few tips for you when it comes to making the most of your Memorial Day weekend.

With COVID-19 still being a threat, it’s important to remain safe for the holiday, but you can still have a great time with loved ones while making sure everyone stays as healthy as possible. And for as healthy as everyone is, may you also be high as a kite.

Outdoor BBQ + Tangimal

One of the most quintessential ways to celebrate Memorial Day is with an outdoor BBQ–duh! And while you may not be throwing the massive block party you’re used to because of COVID, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a lit weekend.

Grab a gang of your closest friends and/or family members, your favorite foods for grilling, and your favorite Eaze order: Tangimal by Pure Beauty, an energizing strain that will have you seeing the world through green-colored glasses.

Game Day + Ginger Pear

If you’re someone who loves to play games, then stay away from my heart. Instead, reserve your tomfoolery for Memorial Day Weekend with a game day for you and your nearest and dearest.

From board games like Monopoly or Candyland to outdoor games like cornhole or ping pong, there are several options for a little competitive fun. Pair your experience with Mad Lilly’s Ginger Pear spritzer, a feisty and refreshing beverage with equal parts THC and CBD to keep your mind balanced and ready to dominate.

Movie on the Projector + 

This Memorial Day, make your movie night a little more special with a projector! Bonus points if you take it outside and decorate the space with twinkly lights and tons of snacks.

While you’re enjoying your movie night, you can enjoy a balanced buzz with Eel River’s Hybrid Live Diamonds.

Beach Day + Churro Milk Chocolate Bar

If you’re lucky enough to reside by the beach (or some equally-stunning body of water), take your Memorial Day Weekend waterfront! Pack some food, drinks, games, and plenty of sunscreen, and make sure to keep a safe amount of distance from other parties.

An evening at the beach screams for s’mores, but if you want to make your s’mores a little more exciting, use Kiva Confections’ Churro Milk Chocolate Bar, a sweetly-satisfying treat that will have you floating among the clouds.

Workout Session + Apple Kush Cake

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate Memorial Day and honor those who’ve risked their lives, is by ensuring you have a long and healthy one. Keep your day lowkey and endorphin-ripe by going for a run, swim, bike ride, or maybe even all three if you’re crazy!

Finish up your workout with some of Circles’ Apple Kush Cake, an indica-dominant hybrid that will provide your body with a completely relaxing, relieving sensation.

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