How to get high for each of the Grammys Album of the Year nominees

Justin Caffier
Jan 21, 2020

You’d be hard pressed to think of an older or more perfect combo than music and cannabis. The two have been enhancing each other throughout recorded history and will be doing so long after we’re all gone. In a few days, the best radio-friendly music of 2019 will be celebrated at The Grammys. The occasion seems as good a reason as any to bring pot and tunes together once again. One can only assume that’ll be happening on the ground at the ceremony. So, here are some of our suggestions for the cannabis product that’ll help you derive the most pleasure from each Album of the Year nominee.

I, I – Bon Iver

Looking to get as high as frontman Justin Vernon’s pitch for a spin of the band’s fourth record? For a group so versatile that they’ve collaborated with everyone from Lizzo to James Blake, we have to recommend a complex strain to guide you through I,I. Personally, we’d go with a gram of Jack Herer concentrate from Hush, but you do you.

Norman Fucking Rockwell – Lana Del Ray

If it hasn’t already happened, eventually someone will write their dissertation on how the character of Lana Del Rey gradually consumed its creator and performer, Elizabeth Grant. Fortunately, the subsummation has only enhanced her creative output and honed her strengths. This is all a roundabout way of saying: the new album slaps. Put it on with a Pineapple Express Pax Era cartridge from Heavy Hitters on deck for maximum vibes.

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go – Billie Eilish

There’s little overlap on the Venn diagram of those both old enough to consume cannabis and those who should really have any sort of opinion on Billie Eilish, but if you’re in the appropriate range or simply want to give the album a spin so you have a better understanding of what your kids are into, do so with Old Pal’s pre-ground indica ready to go in your pipe. You’ll almost be able to convince yourself the lyrics still apply to you.

Thank U, Next – Ariana Grande

The way the news cycles these days make each day feel like a week, it’s understandable if you mistakenly thought that this Ariana song dropped like two years ago. Alas, that’s merely the cruel passage of time playing tricks on you. Her Pete Davidson breakup bop came out last February. Push play on the song, take a deep breath, and then another, but that second time from a G Pen Gio with a Strawberry Banana cart in it and fondly reflect upon all your failed relationships.

I Used to Know Her – H.E.R.

Like us, you are probably very hip and with the times, so you also knew that H.E.R. is a young Californian woman who sings R&B. You certainly did not mistakenly assume the act was a spin-off of H.I.M., the Finnish goth metal band that gave us the heartagram. Rest easy in your continued coolness by taking a puff of OG Wreck from your G Pen Gio and giving the album a listen.

7 – Lil Nas X

Big Country tried its rootinest-tootinest to keep Lil Nas X down after the viral success of “Old Town Road” shook the foundation of the entire genre and forced many a bigot to reckon with the changing demographics of the industry. 2.8 billion streams later, Lil Nas X is still thriving and his debut EP is getting accolades left and right. When you think about it, it’s nothing short of political activism to get high off some Venom OG and put the album on.

Cuz I Love You (Deluxe) – Lizzo

We just took a THC test after listening to the Detroit rapper’s album while hitting some Heavy Hitters Purple Punch, and it turns out we’re 100% high now. This joke makes sense if you have even a passing familiarity with Lizzo, so if you don’t get it, that says more about your unwillingness to participate in the zeitgeist than anything.

Father of the Bride – Vampire Weekend

It’s always jarring to encounter an album like this from a band like this being lauded by the same institution that gave Steely Dan’s Two Against One Album of the Year over The Marshall Mathers LP and Kid A, but we’re nonetheless happy for the Columbia boys getting praise for this fantastic record. Pop in a PAX Era Northern Lights cartridge and let Ezra Koenig and co. do what they do best. They’re probably not putting too much weight into this nomination. Neither should you.

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