How to get high for each Best Picture nominee this Oscars season

Justin Caffier
Jan 13, 2020

This Monday, the nominations for the 92nd Academy Awards were announced. Whether you think the Academy did a good job with their picks or snubbed your favorites, you’ll still likely want to check out the films in the running, if only to contribute to the discourse. To that end, we’ve compiled some suggestions for cannabis products that’ll allow you to extract the most enjoyment from the Best Picture contenders, and help sustain you during those tedious run times.

The Irishman
Based on the (probably) true story of union boss Jimmy Hoffa’s assassination at the hands of Frank Sheeran, Scorcese’s decades-spanning saga is as brutal and heavy as most of his other fare. To help take the edge off and keep you engaged for all 210 minutes of the movie, might we suggest Terra’s Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans? With only 5mg of THC in each, you’ll get a nice enough buzz going that the movie’s age-regression technology will stop seeming weird.

Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood

Hollywood loves movies about Hollywood, so a nomination for Tarantino’s love letter to the industry’s most far out era was never in question. This period comedy-drama was ripe for an award — and to truly transport you to that bygone era, you gotta get high. We recommend a Pax Era with some Desert Gold to help you get into the free love frame of mind.

Sam Mendes probably wouldn’t want the horrors of war on display in his WWI epic blunted by a blunt, but he’s not the boss of you. If the pointless death and gore of trench warfare gets to be too much, there’s no shame in taking a toke from Jetty’s Gold series of oils.


Bong Joon-ho’s twisty tale of a family of scammers is mind-blowing enough on its own, so we have to recommend going in with a clear head for a first viewing, but if you’re in the mood for an enhanced rewatch, pop in a Cucumber Lime Balance gummy from Plus. With only 3.5 mg of THC and 1.5 mg of CBD per serving, you won’t be too high to keep up with all the class war commentary.

Little Women

Greta Gerwig may have been snubbed for her directorial work on Little Women, but her take on Louisa May Alcott’s story of the March sisters impressed Academy voters enough to get her a shot at the night’s big prize. With the story taking place primarily in Concord, Massachusetts, why not take a 4.5 mg 0.5 mg CBD Concord Grape Unwind Gummy by Plus before watching.

Marriage Story
Despite what the title may indicate, Noah Baumbach’s semi-autobiographical film is actually a story about divorce. Needless to say, things get a bit depressing. If you aren’t in the right headspace to deal with that sort of strife directly, a square or two from a Kiva Milk Chocolate bar might sweeten and soften the blows.


With 11 Oscar nominations for Joker, the Academy’s made it abundantly clear that they’re pretty darn twisted. If you want to get equally demented and laugh along with Arthur Fleck throughout the movie, munch on a Camino Wild Berry Gummy beforehand, emphasis on “wild.” Just do everyone a favor and avoid dancing down any staircases until the effects have worn off.

Jojo Rabbit

Taika Waititi does a pretty good job keeping his film about a Hitler Youth kid whose imaginary friend is the Fuhrer light and fun but, at the end of the day, it’s a movie about Nazis, so nobody would blame you if you needed some outside help to keep the mood light. If that’s the case, a 10mg THC Pink Lemonade shot from Smile should do the trick.

Ford v Ferrari
While it’s never ok to drive a vehicle while under the effects of cannabis, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with watching a bunch of racecar drivers do their thing while high. In fact, we’d outright encourage it for Christian Bale and Matt Damon’s new period piece. And since their vehicles run on “petrol,” we’re recommending Petra’s” Tart Cherry Mints to enhance your viewing experience.

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