How to Celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 from Home

Taylor Engle
May 7, 2020

The second Sunday in May in America is typically a joyous one. Families gather dressed in various shades of pastel to celebrate the most prominent people in their lives: the women who raised them.

While this year’s Mother’s Day is nowhere near ideal, there are quite a few ways to make your mom feel special, even from home. You’ve likely been calling her nonstop to complain about your quarantine problems—she deserves a little pampering.

Mother’s Day from Home

Are you lucky enough to be home quarantining with your family? You might not be feeling so lucky after weeks of living on top of each other, but it allows you to celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 in person, and there’s truly nothing better! Here are a few ways to bask in your mother’s glory this Sunday:

  • Cook her breakfast. Classic and timeless! Eliminates the danger of any outside contact and makes your mom feel special and loved. Sometimes, it’s the simple things.
  • Plan an at-home spa day. You can easily make a DIY face mask out of stuff in your fridge, paint each other’s nails, and indulge in this relaxing lavender epsom salt soak–let your mom feel as relaxed as she deserves.

Virtual Mother’s Day 

Whether you’re thousands of miles away from your mom or a fifteen-minute drive, quarantine has us all feeling divided. Luckily, modern technology allows us to be in constant contact—easy enough to keep in touch with mom all day! Here are some tips for virtual joy:

  • Order her favorite cannabis products in tandem. Is your mom the OG stoner of the family? Show her some respect by ordering her favorite strains on Eaze and doing a quick drive by for a contactless drop off. Or better yet, patiently show your mom how to sign up for Eaze on her iPad. These Satori dark chocolate almonds are a hit for both the mommas that are seasoned vets and the cannabis beginners.

  • Take an online class together. Whether it’s fitness, floral arrangement, or an online course at Yale, pick something that you know your mom will love. It’ll almost feel like you’re really hanging out! Almost….
  • Host a virtual toast. Organize a Zoom call with all of your mom’s closest family and friends, to toast about how great your mom is.

Mother’s Day on the Front Lines

If your mom is a frontline hero, she deserves more pampering than anyone. Maybe she has to spend the actual day saving lives or feeding the masses, so make sure you set aside her next day off just for her. Here are a few tips for making her day a little easier, even if it’s a high-stress one:

  • Make her lunch. She did it for you enough—now it’s your turn. Make eating one less thing she has to worry about that day.
  • Draw her a bubble bath. She’ll be delighted to come home to a relaxing bubble bath and a refreshing Cann waiting on her bathtub.

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