How Long Does it Take for an Edible to Kick in?

Eaze Team
Dec 7, 2023
Getting the right dose with edibles can be a bit of a puzzle, and a journey. Everybody’s biochemistry is different, and various factors play into how hard an edible hits you. For example, take two people consuming the same 5 mg weed gummy – one person might be floating throughout the depths space, while the other feels almost nothing at all.
So, what’s the deal with edibles taking their sweet time to kick in compared to a quick smoke sesh? Smoking or vaping shoots that good good straight into your bloodstream, giving you the buzz within minutes. Edibles, though, need to work their way through your stomach and liver before the high kicks in. It’s a lengthier process, but the payoff is usually a more potent experience.
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Given the slower pace, we’re all about that “start low and go slow” mantra. Pop a low-dose edible, wait a good 45-60 minutes (or even longer) for the effects to kick in. If you’re hungry for more after that, then take another dose. For the newbies or those with a low tolerance, kick things off with a modest 2.5 mg of edibles or less. Gauge your vibe after an hour and, if you’re up for it, throw in another 2.5 mg or less.
Now, let’s talk about the factors that spice up this edible equation. The type of edible matters – gummies, baked goods, and drinks take their sweet time (45-60 minutes), while sublingual champs like mint strips or lollipops hit you up within minutes (these are also sometimes called ‘fast acting’).
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Dosage is another player; higher doses (like 10 mg or more) might fast-track the party. Your tolerance levels, body weight, and metabolism also get a seat at the table. If you’re a daily toker, 5 mg might feel like a breeze, but if you’re a rare smoker, it might hit you like a tidal wave.
Now, if you’re all about the benefits but not the waiting game, there are a few tricks. Sublinguals like tinctures, mint strips, capsules, or lollipops absorb faster under the tongue – effects in minutes. An empty stomach can speed things up too; just make sure you’ve got some snacks on standby. And if you’re down for it, a little tolerance break can crank up the speed and intensity of that edible journey. Cheers to finding your sweet spot! 🌿🚀
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