WHAT IS EAZE? | Eaze now ships CBD to 44 states and D.C.

Eaze Team
Nov 13, 2018

Cannabis wellness, with the confidence of Eaze.

California cannabis consumers already know that ordering marijuana products on Eaze means on-demand delivery of the best legal, licensed, and tested marijuana brands. Now savvy consumers in 45 states and the District of Columbia can also legally purchase hemp-derived, CBD-only products with the same confidence and convenience.

Eaze legally ships CBD almost anywhere in the U.S. from a robust, carefully curated menu of national CBD brands, with detailed descriptions and access to education about CBD’s many uses. Consumers shopping on the Eaze Wellness platform are already ahead of the curve in learning about the powerful cannabinoid that has a wide array of health benefits, but doesn’t get you high.


Ordering from Eaze means peace of mind.

Eaze’s deep understanding of the cannabis industry, strong brand partnerships and rigorous commitment to legal compliance have made it the largest cannabis delivery marketplace in California. That commitment to legal compliance and rigorous quality standards extends to the CBD-only products available for nationwide shipping on Eaze Wellness.

“Eaze’s mission has always been to educate consumers and provide safe, legal access to cannabis. The launch of Eaze Wellness is a natural next step in our mission,” said Jim Patterson, CEO of Eaze. “Americans are curious about CBD and asking for high-quality CBD products, but until now, there’s been no singular destination where consumers with a variety of experience levels can find the products that are right for them. Eaze Wellness changes that.”

Access wellness almost anywhere.

New state regulations means Eaze Wellness is now available for shipping to California customers, too! California customers inside one of our Eaze delivery zones can also find a wide variety of THC-carrying cannabis products on Eaze.com.

Eaze Wellness customers see their products shipped within 4-6 business days via a third-party provider (shipping is not currently available in Idaho, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Washington). All Eaze Wellness products are legal to purchase and ship in the U.S. because they are derived from cannabis plants classified as hemp, meaning they contain less than .3% of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC.

So relax! If it’s on Eaze, it’s on point.

Eaze brand and product experts only source products from trusted partners; if they’re not legal, licensed and thoroughly tested, they’re not on Eaze. Plant People, Cannuka, BeTrū Wellness, Vital Leaf, and many more trusted CBD brands will be featured on the constantly updated Eaze Wellness menu. Every product possesses a certificate of analysis to ensure it’s been tested.

Many Eaze employees have been using and personally testing these products for years. At a time when CBD infusions are popping up in everything, you’ll know that what you’re ordering from Eaze is the best of what’s out there.


This post was updated to reflect CBD shipping now available in Oregon.

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