HOLIDAZE | The ultimate cannabis gift guide

Eaze Team
Dec 11, 2019

There’s something for everyone.

Watch the smile grow on someone’s face when they open up these holiday gifts. Whether they’re new to cannabis or need something to take the edge off this holiday season, we’ve got the perfect stocking stuffers and gifts for everyone in your life (as long as they’re over 21!).

For your cannacurious friends 

You know who they are. Maybe they’ve dabbled once or twice, but cannabis is still a mystery to these folks. Click here to explore our gift guide for those friends who are curious enough to jump right in.

For your holiday travels 

Holiday travels are stressful. Click here to explore our to the most discreet, convenient and easy-to-use products for yourself or your jet-setting friends.

For dealing with awful in-laws 

The dinner table can get heated during the holiday season, especially when you have the whole family around. Click here to explore our guide to the best gifts you can give to your friends with awful in-laws.

For your health-conscious friends 

There are plenty of options for those friends of yours who are trying to stay slim during the holidays. Click here to explore our guide to gifting your most health-conscious friends.

For your Deadhead grandpa

Grandpa’s been smoking marijuana since way before you were born. Give him the good stuff this holiday season. Click here for our guide to gifting cannabis to the old heads who’ve been quietly “puff, puff, pass”-ing since their first muddy joint at Woodstock.

For your friend with a sweet tooth 

After you age out of trick-or-treating, you come to learn that it’s not Halloween, but actually this time of year, that was made for the sweet tooths who walk among us. Click here to explore our guide to gifts for those of your friends who can’t stay out of the chocolate aisle.

For your friend who never takes a vacation

You know that friend that’s always sending work emails past midnight? This is the gift guide for them. Click here to explore our recommendations for gifting to your most stressed-out friend.

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