HIGH CITY HIKES | This stoney Santa Cruz stroll is 4:20 perfection

Sam Laird
Apr 19, 2019

Editor’s note: One of the best things about being a cannabis consumer: happy hour is hiking hour! If you’re in one of the great walking cities where we deliver this 4/20, prepare to spend a perfect evening of on-foot urban exploring: Eaze wants you to enjoy the moment and see the sights in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, and one of our newest delivery zones, Santa Cruz.

It’s 4:20 in Santa Cruz.

Few American cities match Santa Cruz’s spectacular setting. That’s just one reason why it’s attracted countless cannabis-friendly visitors and residents over the decades. What better place to get together with friends and revel in the full spectrum of nature’s wonders?

Here’s one of our favorite quintessential Santa Cruz outings — a walk that pairs perfectly with good friends and Santa Cruz’ own homegrown from The Lemon Tree.

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First things first: Eaze will deliver one of our favorite marijuana brands almost anywhere in Santa Cruz. Then head for the west side to get started!

Start at Natural Bridges State Beach on the city’s west side.

Natural Bridges is a beautiful place to hang out, with tide pools, a relatively small beach, nature trails and its namesake geological feature. When you’re ready to ramble on, head out by the vista point and onto West Cliff Drive.

Now you’re on a road that’s truly one of California’s underrated gems. As you stroll east, Monterey Bay’s wildlife-rich waters expand to your right. On an exceptionally clear day you can even see directly across the bay to Monterey itself. Tiny beaches, rock formations, bluffs and cliffs provide a constantly changing but ceaselessly jaw-dropping scene along the way.

The homes that line the road across the street from the water are pretty spectacular in their own right, too. And a final pro-tip for walking West Cliff: Bring some binoculars. Dolphins, seals, sea lions, otters and gray whales are all possible to spot from the sidewalk.

Sea Lions in Monterey Bay [Getty Images]
Sea Lions in Monterey Bay [Getty Images]

After some 45 minutes walking along West Cliff, you reach an excellent resting point at the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum and Steamer Lane. Located in an old lighthouse, the museum features historical surfing photos and other memorabilia from a sport in which Santa Cruz enjoys legendary status. The adjacent Steamer Lane, meanwhile, is one of the city’s most popular surf spots. Watching locals catch waves from the cliff above while pelicans and seagulls soar overhead is a supremely chill way to pass some time.

From Steamer Lane, continue again on West Cliff until you reach the wharf. Here, a range of classic-style diners and local seafood joints can cure your munchies.

This walk totals about four miles over one-and-a-half hours without stops. But we suggest breaking it up with plenty of detours and enjoy the moment along the way.

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