HIGH CITY HIKES | 4:20 is urban hiking time in San Diego

Sam Laird
Apr 17, 2019

Editor’s note: One of the best things about being a cannabis consumer: happy hour is hiking hour! If you’re in one of the great walking cities where we deliver this 4/20, prepare to spend a perfect evening of on-foot urban exploring: Eaze wants you to enjoy the moment and see the sights in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Portland, and of course, San Diego.

It’s 4:20 in San Diego.

While Los Angeles and San Francisco get all the California hype, San Diego is content to lay back as the Golden State’s severely underrated third city. But those in the know are well aware San Diego’s unpretentious attitude and stunning seaside setting make it an extremely special place in its own right.

Especially now, with recreational use legal in California, San Diego is one of the state’s finest places to lawfully enjoy cannabis. Here’s one of the best urban explorations to undertake on foot.

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First things first: Eaze will deliver one of our favorite cannabis brands almost anywhere in greater San Diego. Then head to Sunset Cliffs Natural Park at the south end of town, and let’s get rolling!

Begin at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.

As its name indicates, this Pacific Ocean overlook is an incredible place to be as afternoon turns to evening — but will take your breath away at any time of day. Ponder the horizon, watch the surfers below and keep an eye out for sea life.

Then, when you’re ready, walk north along Sunset Cliffs Boulevard toward Luscomb Point, named after local surfer Happy Luscomb. Claiborne’s Cove and Osprey Point are a couple more natural landmarks as you continue north. But every step of this walk provides otherworldly views that will have you stopping every two minutes to snap a photo or simply take it all in.

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Eventually you’ll reach the Ocean Beach tide pools and pier. Both are perfect waystations to do some loitering. If it’s low tide, be sure to poke around the tide pools to see what kind of trippy sea creatures you can spot. Meanwhile, a stroll along the pier is not to be missed.

Ocean Beach Pier and tidepools [Getty Images].
Next, make your way inland a few blocks to check out the Ocean Beach neighborhood. This funky, laid-back district embodies a certain slice of California living. Quirky shops and places to satisfy your munchies abound, particularly along the main drag of Newport Avenue. The cash-only, counter-service Nico’s Mexican Food is one spot we particularly like for serious, no-frills grubbing. Portions are large, but you certainly deserve a proper feed after all the walking and exploring you’ve just done.

This itinerary is about three miles and one hour long if you beeline it. But the delight is in the details, so we advise making stops and detours to your heart’s content and stretching this out to an afternoon-long excursion.

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