Hello 2018, Goodbye Prohibition

Eaze Team
Dec 23, 2017

Everything you need to know about recreational marijuana

It’s finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited! Starting January 2018, Adult Use of marijuana will be legal in cities across California. It’s been a long grind for activists and enthusiasts alike, and experts believe that California is a tipping point for federal marijuana policy. This is a big moment for California, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

The end of prohibition means new regulations for manufacturers, cultivators, retailers, and consumers. We know you have a lot of questions, but you can sit back and relax because Eaze has got your back. Read on to learn about how our service is changing to accommodate the new regulations.

The regulations around Adult Use of marijuana differ city by city

Marijuana regulations can change quickly. Each city and county has the right to develop their own rules around cultivation (growing your own plants), distribution (having dispensaries or allowing for delivery) and sale (medical vs. Adult Use). In other words, you might need a medical recommendation to get a delivery in one city, but just your ID proving you’re over 21 in another city. While this sounds confusing, rest assured, as long as you’re on our site, you’ll be compliant with local rules and regulations. Check out the status of Adult Use delivery in cities across California here.

Eaze customers, this is what you need to know

Delivery hours are changing

By law, all orders must be delivered by a certain time as determined by your city. If you’re a night owl, remember to order early enough to meet this deadline. Check out your city’s delivery deadline here. If a driver cannot complete your order by the city’s delivery deadline, it will likely be canceled as is required by law.

You’ll need to show ID to receive your delivery

To buy marijuana without a medical recommendation, you must be over the age 21 and show a valid, government-issued ID to verify your identity and age. Your delivery driver will ask to see your ID and have you sign when your order is delivered.

Deliveries under $50 will be charged a fee

A new $5 delivery fee will be charged to support the new regulations (but we’ll waive the fee for orders over $50!). Read on for specific rules in San Francisco, which will have a $10 delivery fee.

Delivery in San Francisco will be slower but we’re working to change that

The city of San Francisco has new regulations impacting on-demand marijuana deliveries. Currently, Eaze is able to make fast deliveries because drivers are able to receive live orders while they’re already on the road. Starting January 1st, delivery drivers in San Francisco will be required to have a full list of orders before they even leave the dispensary, and can’t accept new orders until they’re back at the dispensary. This policy will increase delivery times for our SF customers and will result in a $10 delivery fee rather than $5. We are actively working with local regulators to improve the experience in San Francisco and will update our customers as changes occur.

Only state-authorized medical card holders will be exempt from certain taxes

There are a few words worth clarifying as we enter this whole new world of legal marijuana. “Adult Use” refers to marijuana that can be purchased by any adult 21+ with a valid ID. You’ll hear “medical use” or “medical marijuana” more on a local city level, as certain cities will only allow the sale or delivery of medical marijuana. This refers to your medical rec card you saw a marijuana doctor for and will be required to purchase marijuana in certain cities. “State Authorized Medical Card” is a medical recommendation that has been registered and recognized by the state of CA. This is an important distinction for tax purposes.

There will be an additional tax on all marijuana

We know taxes aren’t fun, but they’re necessary for marijuana. All marijuana sales will now be charged an additional state excise tax that is tacked on prior to any local taxes. There is a lot of talk about how if you have a medical card you won’t have to pay sales and use tax, but this only applies if you have a state-authorized medical card. It’s important to note that a state-authorized medical card is not the same medical recommendation you received via a ‘Marijuana Doctor’ or EazeMD. Only medical cards that have been registered through the state will exempt users from the state’s sales and use taxes, but medical card holders will still be required to pay the excise taxes, and your local city or county may also have taxes that may or may not be required. For you frequent consumers who currently own a state-authorized card, it may be worth it to get it renewed.

But the tax money will be used to fund environmental protection, research, and more

The bright side of taxes is that the tax money collected from marijuana sales will mean a lot of good things for California. The newly created California Marijuana Tax Fund will be allocating most of its funds (estimated $1 billion in revenue annually) to marijuana and legalization research, and community reinvestment for those disproportionately harmed by the war on drugs. The remainder of the money will be distributed to establishing DUI protocols, environmental restoration and protection, and youth drug prevention, education, and treatment. Hopefully, all these societal benefits arising from paying marijuana taxes will make the additional fees a little easier swallow.

It’s illegal to consume marijuana in public

It will be illegal to consume in any public place, loosely defined as any business or property that is open to the public. For current medical users, that’s a reduction in locations you can consume or inhale your medication, as current law allows for medical patients to consume anywhere smoking is permitted. It’s also illegal to consume within 1,000 feet of a school or youth center unless you’re on residential property and provided the smoking is not detectable by kids. If you’re going to have product in a car, err on the side of caution, as the MAUCRSA (Medical and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act) does not permit open cannabis in cars.

We don’t recommend crossing state lines or bringing your stash on planes

For those of you traveling to California for cannabis-tourism, just remember to consume before flying home. Remember that the TSA is a federal agency and they could theoretically arrest you for violating the Controlled Substances Act, so, fly at your own risk.

Expect childproof packaging and say “goodbye” to edibles over 100mg THC

MAUCRSA requires stricter rules on labeling, design, and packaging of cannabis products. For instance, starting 2018, all marijuana products must be sold in child-proof packaging. Restrictions on edibles will also be implemented regarding its form and dose – your favorite edibles will be reduced in dosage to be compliant to the state’s cap of 100mg of THC per package and 10mg THC per dose. Not sure what that means to you? Check out our beginner’s guide for more information on dosage and a complete introduction to cannabis. These rules on packaging, dosage, etc, are adding new costs for marijuana product manufacturers. As a result, customers will see a marginal increase in the price of marijuana products.

Remember, all these regulations are subject to change. We know this may be a lot of information to process, but rest assured – if you are using Eaze – offering the most choice and convenience – then you will be compliant going into the recreational new year. So start the new year right by saying goodbye to prohibition and hello to marijuana – and from all of us at Eaze, we hope you continue to enjoy the moment.

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