HANUKKAH | Pinsky picks 8 cannabis oils for the Festival of Lights

Eaze Team
Dec 2, 2018

It’s really a festival of oil, right?

Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of oil that lasted eight days – and if eating latkes and donuts constitutes tradition simply because they’re fried in veggie oil, surely we can take inspiration from the other miracle oil: cannabis oil, of course!

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“Jews and cannabis go waaaaay back,” says Jason Pinsky, self-described “99.8% full Ashkenazi Jew” and Chief Cannabis Evangelist at Eaze, where his mandate is to “educate and inspire.” Education and inspiration sure happened when we rolled through the Eaze menu with Pinsky, searching for the best oils to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

Eaze Chief Cannabis Evangelist Jason Pinsky [photo courtesy of Jason Pinsky]
Hanukkah hearkens to 167 B.C., when Jewish rebels overthrew an oppressive emperor in Jerusalem and re-established the Second Temple. It’s written that they found only a day’s supply of oil there – but it miraculously burned for the full eight days required to consecrate the altar.

These days, the lighting of the menorah usually happens around sundown – just after 4:20 p.m. this time of year – and Pinsky’s carefully curated an assembly of essential cannabis oils, one for every day of Hanukkah 2018.

Whether they’re gifts, for sharing or just personal use, what could be a better way to reflect on the miracle of the oil than the miracle of an Eaze delivery?

[Note: Not all products will be available in all areas at all times. If you’re logged in and can see a product below, we’ll deliver it to you in about an hour!]

Day One: Star Dawg all-in-one vaporizer from Gold Drop.

Pinsky says: “Not only do you have the ‘Star’ of David there, but its lineage traces back to the Chemdog family [a prominent East Coast strain]. We’ve been smoking Chem 91 since ’91!”

Day Two: Sunset Sherbet for G Pen Gio from Cookies.

Pinsky says: “Sunset at sunset! This potent, indica-dominant hybrid formulation is truly the holiday spirit in oil form.” [Note: available in San Francisco only]

Day Three: PAX Era Daytime pod from Bloom Farms.

Pinsky says: “In the spirit of giving, pick up one of these quality oils from Bloom Farms, who will donate one meal to a local food bank for every purchase. Their one-for-one program is consistently one of the most legit philanthropic efforts in all of cannabis.”

Day Four: Focus CBD peppermint all-in-one vaporizer from Select.

Pinsky says: “We’re going to ease into the Hanukkah Hump-Day with some calming CBD. Granted, peppermint is more of a Christmas flavor, but there are plenty of mixed-holiday households. And Jews like peppermint too!”

Day Five: California Citrus all-in-one vaporizer from Dompen.

Pinsky says: “We’re in California, bro! Dompen all-in-ones are popular here for a reason.”

Day Six: Classic Jack for G Pen Gio from Caliva.

Pinsky says: “Our partners up in San Jose are making some of our favorite oil formulations, and this uplifting classic is worthy of the Festival of Lights.”

Day Seven: Desert Gold all-in-one vaporizer from Leune.

Pinsky says: “These superior vaporizers are new to the Eaze menu. And to honor the time our people wander the desert – it’s Desert Gold!”

Day Eight: Bliss all-in-one vaporizer from dosist.

Pinsky says: ‘We want to leave Hanukkah in a state of bliss. But we also want something that’s really going to last, and dosist’s precision-dosing pens let you titrate your dose perfectly, so you only get exactly as much as you need. It’s just the thing to go out on.”

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