All the edibles you’ll need for your Halloween horror watch party

Justin Caffier
Oct 21, 2019

Yeah, dressing up in costumes is cool, but have you ever just skipped all the parties and parades to spend Halloween vegging out on the couch watching movies? It’s been a tough year, so who could blame you for choosing to sit out supplementary IRL horrors. To help you take a load off and get mildly spooked from the comfort of your own couch, we’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite Halloween movies paired with complementary cannabis treats.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The stop motion marvel that has kept Hot Topic in business for over a quarter-century gave us an unexpected but flawlessly executed mash-up of holiday aesthetics. If you’re looking for a medicated munchable while revisiting Halloween Town this year, the only thing that makes sense is something that blends the candy rush of trick-or-treating with the cool, crisp flavors of Christmas. For that, we’d recommend Kiva’s Mint Chocolate Chip Bar.


Like this other Tim Burton Halloween staple, Petra’s Tart Cherry Mints are tart at first, but there’s a lot of sweetness in there too. Just don’t eat too many at once or you’ll pucker yourself into looking like the shrunken head guy from the film’s waiting room scene.

The Shining

Who knows how events at the Overlook Hotel might have played out had The Shining’s alcoholic protagonist, Jack Torrance, been able to calm his nerves with a medicated product. Unless some intrepid fanfiction writer out there wants to takes a stab at it, that hypothetical scenario shall remain unexplored. Instead, why not just pop in the Criterion Collection copy of this Kubrik classic and chill yourself out with a bottle of Serene by S-Shots.

The Witch

Robert Eggers’ sinister 1630s period piece is an undisputed modern classic, and if thou wouldst like to live deliciously while watching it, much on some Camino Blood Orange Gummies. You won’t even have to sell your soul to get some.


For horror fans who need a little more slasher in their scares, Wes Craven’s tense ‘90s blockbuster Screamwill have you clinging to whichever person, pet, or pillow is closest for its entire runtime. To take the edge off, you might want to crack open a cannabis-infused Hi-Fi Hops from Lagunitas Brewing Co. These non-alcoholic cold boys are so good that if Ghostface was on your tail, you’d have to pause and seriously think it over before throwing a bottle at him to aid your escape.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

It might get a bad rap, but being basic isn’t all that bad an existence, so you might as well just double down and embrace those impulses. Whether that means indulging a hokey Peanuts classic, chomping on some Lemon, Blueberry, and Almond clusters from Atlas, or doing those things simultaneously, nothing feels as good as living your truth.

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