These 2 cities bought way more cannabis on Mother’s & Father’s Day

Eaze Team
Jun 17, 2019

California enjoys the moment with Mom & Dad.

But who loves to get their folks lifted the most?

Turns out it’s the mid-sized California cities of Oceanside and Pomona – both population ~150,000 – that had the state’s biggest city-wide sales spikes on both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, according to analysis of internal sales data.

Pomona (about an hour east of Los Angeles) and Oceanside (the third-largest city in San Diego County) each ranked in the top three for sales spikes (vs. average of the trailing six Sundays) on both holidays.

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Oceanside, a fairly new market in the Eaze delivery zone, jumped on Mother’s Day by 91% over the previous six Sundays, the biggest spike in California; on Father’s Day, it had the state’s third-largest sales spike, at 21%.

The name says it all: Oceanside is a breezy seaside SoCal community, home of the California Surf Museum and one of the longest wooden piers on the western coastline (image above). It’s also home to the Supergirl Pro, one of the world’s largest surfing competitions for women.

One of the ocean’s many lovely Oceanside views.

Pomona, another fairly new territory for Eaze’s on-demand delivery service, saw spikes of 69% and 33% for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, respectively. Portland, Oregon, was No. 3 on Mother’s Day with a 48% jump, while San Bernardino/Riverside was actually the top Father’s Day market, with 69% more sales than the previous six Sundays.

Both holidays honoring our parents are big days at Eaze, each with its own unique contours and quirks that tell us a bit about how cannabis fits into our lives, and our families’ lives. Enjoy the moment!

Eaze Go-to-Market Senior Analyst Robert Holland contributed the statistics for this report.

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