GREEN WEDNESDAY | 40% off cannabis is your new holiday tradition

Eaze Team
Nov 20, 2018

[Note: Green Wednesday 2018 is over! Thanks to everyone who participated!]

The ‘Black Friday of cannabis’ is now a thing.

It started as a noticeable spike in marijuana sales the day before Thanksgiving, a natural phenomenon as cannabis enthusiasts prepared to brave the holidays’ first wave. It quickly turned into a bonanza: This Green Wednesday, Eaze is taking 40% off almost the entire menu for an entire day – our biggest one-day sale of the year.

[Pro tip: Don’t let holiday traffic and rainy weather dampen your celebrations – order early on Green Wednesday to get the best deals and fastest delivery times.]

Back in 2016, Eaze Insights noted that Turkey Day Eve was the second-biggest day of the year, in terms of sales, beating out Halloween and trailing only 4/20 itself. “Green Wednesday,” we called it then, a day that’s recognized around the cannabis industry as the Black Friday of weed.

The reasons aren’t hard to fathom: Cannabis is great for …


You’re here to eat. You’re here to eat a lot. A raging case of the munchies has never had such a perfect match. Don’t play it fancy: a classic indica flower will prime your food lust for thirds and beyond.


Uh-oh, your turn to travel to the in-laws’ this year? CBD vaporizers are essential. This little dandy in your pocket will see you through.

Long stretches of long stretches.

Thanksgiving is a marathon, not a sprint. A parade … two football games .. a major feast … another football game … if discreet, all-day relaxation is what you need to push through, edibles are the format of choice – ones that aren’t going to take up too much room or calories.

product image
Blackberry & Lemon UNWIND Gummies


Stuck in the basement guest room next to the creaky boiler again? We’ve found that these particular cartridges for your G Pen Gio can coax the purple cloak of slumber into any situation. And you don’t have to sneak outside to use it!

And please remember: No matter how you plan to #EnjoyTheMoment this Thanksgiving, consume responsibly – never drive impaired. Happy #Danksgiving to all!

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Blackberry & Lemon UNWIND Gummies