GADGET ALERT | G Pen’s Gio and State oil are must-have vape tech

Sandy Cohen
May 23, 2018

Vape to the future with G Pen’s Gio and new single-strain oils from State.

Like Supreme fans on drop days, the cannabis faithful were out in force on 4/20, ready for some awesome new gear. As of last month’s Marijuana Week, you can wield the absolute latest in cannabis vaporizer tech.

G Pen and State joined forces to create the ultimate on-the-go 4/20 combo exclusively for Eaze: G Pen’s latest high-tech design, the sleek, discreet and affordable Gio; and custom-made, single-strain oil cartridges from State (which are now only $30 for a limited time).

Gio represents the most cutting-edge technology from the pioneering brand that’s been making cannabis vapes for almost a decade. As for State, the partnership is a first for the two-year-old company that identifies its strain profiles (Jack Herer, Pineapple Kush, and Granddaddy Purple) by effect—Active, Balance, or Relax, respectively.

“It’s been a long journey to get to it, and the fact that we’re launching in April, on 4/20, and we just have a great relationship with the G Pen family now, yeah, we couldn’t be more excited,” says State co-founder Brian Casey. “We’re eager to get the products out into the customers’ hands, and to be launching on the Eaze platform is a great way to do that.”

Own your state of mind.

State has traditionally offered its formulas in universal cartridges that fit any threaded vape battery. What inspired them to get specific with G Pen?

“It’s just the best technology and hardware we’ve seen,” Casey says.

It has reason to be.

G Pen designers and engineers spent two and a-half years developing Gio, but its roots are deeper. G Pen and its parent company, Grenco Science, have come a long way since introducing its first vaporizer for concentrates in 2011. A partnership with Snoop Dogg in 2013 took the brand mainstream, with its first dry-herb vape device that became an American smoke shop staple.

G Pen employs a staff of in-house designers and engineers to conceptualize and build proprietary designs. And that’s how the Gio was born.

Artists and scientists—the same team that developed G Pen’s top-end Elite and Pro models for dry herb—dedicated years to creating and perfecting a new device for cannabis concentrates. The Gio is the brand’s first in-house vaporizer design for oils.

A breath of fresh air.

Sleek and simple, the Gio has no buttons or switches—all you do is inhale. Cartridges pop in and out in a flash, so it’s easy to go from Active to Relax when the time calls for it.

For Casey, the clarity of State’s offerings fit perfectly with the ease of the Gio.

“State makes it easy, simple, and enjoyable,” he says of State’s products, which are cultivated without pesticides and extracted without chemicals.

With the State/G Pen set, users simply choose the vibe they want, pop in the accompanying cartridge, and off you go on your next space adventure.

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