GIFT GUIDE | For your friend who never takes a vacation

Justin Caffier
Dec 12, 2019

We’ve all got that one friend who works themselves to the bone, but nonetheless feels guilty about taking a little time off for self care. Whether too busy, financially strapped, or overwhelmed by the planning stages, they never seem to take a well-deserved vacation. Though you might not be able to book them on a world tour cruise, you can at least help them chill out this holiday season. To that end, we’ve come up with some R&R focused gift ideas to help your workaholic homie finally take a load off.

Kikoko Tranquili-tea
Nothing beats kicking your shoes off, putting your feet up, and unwinding after a long day with a freshly brewed cup of tea. Well, actually, nothing beat it until Kikiko came along and added cannabis to the mix. Each single-serving bag of this caffeine-free chamomile and valerian blend contains #mg of THC and 5mg of CBN, so giving this to your buddy will ensure their speedy trip to cozytown.

Kiva Milk Chocolate Bar
Who among us doesn’t love chocolate? If your overworked friend fits that bill, I guess you can move on to the next section, but if they’re a fellow cocoa crazy, they’d likely love an infused dark or milk chocolate bar from Kiva. Molded with easy-to-break-off serving squares containing 5mg of THC each, this is the perfect gift to help your giftee simultaneously indulge and unwind.

Om Lavender Epsom Salt Mineral Soak
If you were asked to close your eyes and picture a quintessential scene of relaxation, there’s a high chance you’d think of a claw-foot tub bath surrounded by candles like something out of an R&B music video. Just us? Regardless, baths are an all-time great way to unwind, and a cannabis-infused epsom salt mineral soak from our friends at Om take that experience to a whole new level. After one of these soaks, your friend will never want to go back to plain ‘ol H2O baths.

Camino Tropical Punch Gummies
Just because your friend is apprehensive about booking a trip to some remote island, doesn’t mean their taste buds can’t enjoy a tropical getaway. Each gummy is packed with juicy, fruity flavor, as well as 5mg of THC, so your friend should be good to go after just one or two. It’s never been easier to gift someone a little slice of paradise.

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