Get #weedwise and avoid DUIs this Halloween

Eaze Team
Oct 29, 2019

Get spooky, not spooked, on Halloween

What kind of spooky is your kind of spooky? Whether you take inspiration from Halloween’s Michael Meyers, like it campy à la the Addams Family, or keep things folksy with Midsommar or The Witch, there’s a good scare and an awesome costume out there for everyone. However you unleash your inner ghoul on All Hallow’s Eve, keep it #cannasafe by following a few simple guidelines to ensure things don’t go from spooky to spooked:

  1. Go low and slow! If you’re new to cannabis, remember that Halloween can bring a lot of unexpected surprises, including but not limited to complex costumes, navigating your neighborhood on foot, nighttime, cars, and plain ol’ scary stuff you weren’t expecting (boo!). We recommend starting your evening with a low dose and pacing yourself.
  2. Be careful about mixing. Alcohol can and does increase the effects of THC, so remember to keep an eye on your consumption levels of both cannabis and alcohol, and assume that alcohol will make you feel significantly more high.
  3. Driving high is a DUI. Like alcohol and prescription drugs, driving under the influence of cannabis is against the law. In addition to endangering yourself and everyone in the vicinity of your vehicle, driving high can land you in jail. Just Lyft and be done with it.
  4. Keep edibles out of reach. On Halloween, kids are focused on just one thing: getting and eating candy. As you should *every* day, make sure your edibles are safely stored in a place they can’t be found and accidentally consumed by any kids you have around.

Happy scaring!

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