Get to Know Felicity Chen, Founder of Potli

Diana Gonimah
May 27, 2021

Behind the deliciously-infused sriracha or chili oil you’ve ordered off Eaze is cannabis connaisseur and cooking guru Felicity Chen. On a mission to destigmatize cannabis through food, Chen created the first Potli product when she infused honey with cannabis to assuage her mom’s asthma and allergy symptoms. In our final AAPI spotlight of the month, we wanted to highlight this industry-shaking entrepreneur and asked her a few questions–from her go-to karaoke song to her favorite munchies snack.

FELICITY CHEN ceo and founder of potli

What do you want to accomplish in cannabis? For Potli to become a verb, meaning to infuse foods.

What was your first experience with cannabis like? It was 8th grade, l was with my ballet dance team and tried cannabis using an apple and a coke can as a piece. I’m grateful that my first experience was with a group of girls move celebrated art through movement.

How are you changing the conversation around cannabis in the Asian American community? I built this company for people like my mother who would have never tried cannabis because of the negative stigmas attached. Since then, we have had review after review of how Potli changed super traditional family members on to the healing powers of the plant. Those are patients that I fundamentally want to serve.

What’s your favorite thing you did high this year? On 4/20 we twitch live streamed from our beehives with DJs.

What Asian icon (historical or current) would you love to sesh with? Ali Wong. Through comedy, she shares a raw perspective growing up as children of immigrants. She leans in to stereotypes while completely and totally smashing them at the same time. She calls people out while making you laugh. I am a huge fan and sincerely respect her work.

What’s your go-to munchies snack? Indomie Ramen! + egg on top 🙂

What’s your go-to karaoke song? 月亮代表我的心 by Teresa Teng

What about cannabis 2021 gets you excited? As the world opens back up, we are gifted with the opportunity to challenge how we used to create activations. Through outdoor spaces and the growing community of pop up restaurants, I am beyond excited to share what the brand Potli means through food and community.

License No. CDPH-10002242

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