G PEN GIO | The world’s easiest vaporizer has a hidden smart feature

Eaze Team
Jan 24, 2019

Gio is smarter than it lets on.

The Gio from G Pen was introduced last year with one purpose: to make cannabis oil vaporizers as easy and approachable as possible.

Dissatisfied with what was available on the market, the folks at Grenco Science set out to make, in their words, “the most user-friendly, simple vaporizers that anyone could use.” Considering the Gio’s instructions are basically 1) insert cartridge and 2) inhale, it’s hard to imagine much room for improvement in the that department.

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The instant popularity of the Gio battery and its proprietary cartridges – from quality cannabis oil producers like Herbology, Caliva, Humboldt Farms, and Cookies – come as no surprise. Even charging it is a breeze: not only does it take any standard micro USB, but it has full pass-through power, meaning it still works while it’s plugged in and taking on charge.

But don’t be fooled by the lack of buttons. Gio is dialing it in.

Just because the Gio doesn’t have things like temperature and variable voltage controls doesn’t mean it has no temperature and variable voltage controls. It does! It just doesn’t make you hassle with them.

That’s only possible because Gio cartridges are proprietary to G Pen, which manufactures and supplies them to its oil-producing and filling partners. The companies then work together to create formulations optimized for variable components and settings – things like heating core material, temperature, and resistance are on the table, depending on the type of oil.

That means every Gio cart comes pre-programmed to dial in the perfect experience, every time, no matter the brand or strain.

The Gio may be ridiculously easy to use, but it’s every bit as adaptable as its more complicated competitors.

And that extends to the way it hits: The Gio’s flawless draw is controlled by a chip with a sensor that measures air flow, which activates the battery and is sensitive the strength of your pull. Grenco designers spent significant time honing this componentry, making sure you never have to turn yourself blue trying to activate it.

Safety first!

Another built-in advantage of the Gio: Because all of the parts are designed by G Pen and manufactured at a factory the company has been working with for a decade, the line of accountability is clear.

Grenco Science spent more than a year rigorously testing its batteries and cartridges (leaving them upside down, heating them up, basically abusing them in every way imaginable) to be sure they weren’t leaking or producing toxins. For consumers, that’s just one more major advantage over generic batteries and cartridges, whose origins can’t be traced.

G Pen hardware is the most counterfeited on the market, so always be sure to buy your batteries and cartridges from a licensed, legal retailer – or a licensed, legal delivery platform like Eaze!

[Product(s) named in this story are registered under California licenses CDPH-T00001132, CDPH-T00000114, DPH-T00000009, CDPH-T00000010]

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